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Cajun Inspired Dinner! Congratulations to Camille Wilkinson & her Team! What's New on YouTube?

Lately, I've been hosting dinner parties for friends and clients. It is always fun to figure out what the "theme" of the meal is going to be. Having lived in South Louisiana for several decades, the Cajun flavors make their way onto the table pretty often. Serving Seafood Gumbo with a side of potato salad has become a requested favorite. This meal featured gumbo, potato salad, South Louisiana white rice, crusty French bread and a Tarte a la Bouille (custard) pie.

If you want to serve a wine with this dinner, I'd suggest a Prosecco. The sweet & bubbly flavor offers a perfect contrast to the spicy gumbo! Die-hard gumbo fans may prefer a cold beer or iced tea with the meal! It is your choice!

I encourage you to get adventurous in your kitchen and plan some themed meals for your family. This is the perfect way to introduce them to new foods and teach them about different cultures. Check out my YouTube channel for these cajun inspired recipes! Click here!


Congratulations to The Camille Wilkinson Team at Direct Mortgage Loans!

Camille and her team did $31.9 Million in sales and served 166 families in 2021. Wow, her office continues to set the pace for mortgage loans. Congratulations to this mortgage magician and her wonderful staff! They have already hit the ground running for 2022!

Watch my recent interview with Camille by clicking here!


What's New on YouTube this Week?

Join me in the kitchen and I'll show you how to make a New Orleans style Seafood Gumbo. It is the perfect meal for these freezing nights we've been having on the Gulf Coast. Click here to watch the video! Please consider subscribing to the channel for more how to cooking videos!

Lil' Jack joined me in the kitchen to make his favorite doggie treat; baked liver. Watch this short episode to learn how you can make this inexpensive and nutritious food for your dog. Click here to watch and don't forget to subscribe! We've got new doggie videos coming out next week!

If you have ever wondered why I created meet da' boss this is the video for you! I'll answer that and some other important questions about my company, Collective Minds. I absolutely love helping local businesses grow! Click here to watch this short video and be sure to subscribe to the channel. I've got interior designer, Diane Cashen releasing next week!

This is the latest teaching video from my book, Your Journey Your Way and it will be released on Saturday. Click here to listen about "the thought diet" practice. This is one diet that everyone needs to embrace! Enjoy the video and order your copy at!


In the Book Corner!

I am finishing up this Frances Mayes' book, Under the Tuscan Sun. For those of you that love to travel, this is a great read for you. Unlike the movie of the same name, the book details the historical aspects of Tuscany and the surrounding area. The author becomes a bit obsessed with Etruscan tombs and takes the reader on a tour of numerous sites in Italy.

In addition there are recipes throughout the book that you can try! I have enjoyed this one.

I have 5 books waiting for me to dive in and I'll be sharing my favorites with you. What are you reading these days? Do you read to learn, read to escape or a little of both?

I can always tell when I meet a voracious reader. Their use of exquisite language is usually a reflection of time spent with books.


We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Have a wonderful week! ~ Charlsie



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