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Exploring the Gulf Coast...Events, Destinations and More! What's New on YouTube? On my Soapbox!

I want to challenge residents along the Gulf to see our area through the eyes of our visitors. The coast offers countless options for folks spending their vacation time in the region. It is a fun exercise to imagine what you would suggest to them and perhaps play tourist. This week I'll offer more ideas and maybe motivate you to get out and become an explorer in your own hometown! Let me know where you "play" on the coast!

Beau Rivage, Mississippi Gulf Coast

When was the last time you took a short ride to the Mississippi Gulf Coast? The Beau Rivage has been entertaining visitors since 1999 and averages more than 3.3 million tourists per year. Even if you don't gamble there is so much to do at the casinos. Popular entertainers perform on a regular basis and some of the best dining is available to enjoy. I spent some time at the Beau last weekend and was amazed at the volume of people on vacation checking in.

If you find yourself bored this weekend and want a change of scenery the MS Gulf Coast is a great destination. The Palace Casino is smoke-free building and has one of the best bakeries in the area called the Palace Cafe and Bakery. If you decide to book a room, be sure and check out the pool and spa.

If you are a music fan, then a visit to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino might interest you. It has some great memorabilia for visitors to enjoy. Also, you can buy a one-day pool pass and enjoy the wonderful world class swimming pool and cabana rentals. This could be a pleasant way to spend a Saturday with friends and family.

Fun Fact: Did you know the Beau Rivage is the largest building in Mississippi, the 3,200,000 square foot resort and casino is 32 stories tall and features 1,740 rooms, including 95 luxury suites.


Closer to Home!

This weekend, downtown Mobile has loads of events happening for visitors and locals to experience. Of course, LODA Artwalk happens every 2nd Friday of the month and in conjunction with that there are exhibitions at the Alabama Contemporary Art Center for people to view.

Outdoor Sculpture at Mobile Museum of Art

On Saturday, you could visit one of my favorites, the Mobile Museum of Art for their Makers Market. This should be an interesting gathering for visitors of all ages. If you can take the time to tour the museum you won't be disappointed. In fact, this facility has one of the best children's areas in the region. There is a new exhibit called Fantastical Forest that most kids and some adults would adore. (Full disclosure: I want to see this one in person).


Photo Session with Ensec Pest & Lawn!

Clint & Eric from Ensec Pest & Lawn

I love it when I can introduce people to a beautiful location. Last week Clint and Eric, from Ensec, joined me at Mobile's Medal of Honor Park off of Hillcrest. They were amazed at the size, beauty and facilities this green space offers. It's true, there are jogging/walking paths, a playground for children, a dog park, a hiking trail through the woods, a baseball diamond, soccer fields, tennis courts and so much more.

If you are "upping" your home turf game, then Clint & Eric are ready to assist. Ensec Pest & Lawn has helped over 12K customers for the past two decades deal with pests and lawn issues. Reach them by calling 850-204-3799. This is a locally owned & operated company!


What's New on YouTube?

One of the questions that I get from friends and business partners, is this: Is a Costco Membership worth it? Check out this video with my thoughts on the topic. I realize that people are looking for ways to economize in today's financial landscape. I'll explore whether a membership saves $ or not. Click here to watch. Bonus: Things I buy!

I was back in my kitchen making this delicious Curried Chicken & Rice Soup. This recipe was in my binder of ones to try and wow, I wish I would have made it sooner. Delicious!!! Check out the episode by clicking here. This is a fantastic alternative to Chicken Noodle Soup! Thanks for watching & subscribing to my YouTube channel!

Keep watching the channel, I've got some fun videos planned including more Kids in the Kitchen!


In the Book Corner

I became a fan of Michael Singer (Mickey) years ago when I read his New York Times bestseller, The Untethered Soul. Little did I know the challenges that he was facing while writing that book. In The Surrender Experiment, he describes his journey of letting go and being in the now. It reads like a story with surprising twists and plot changes that only the Universe could deliver.

The book begins with his quest to quieten the chatter in his mind. He wanted to understand what that voice was and learn how to free himself from it. Thus begins a soul journey that leads him into incredible situations that only divine involvement could author.

This book is one that I highly suggest everyone read. One takeaway was the principle of giving 100% to whatever you are involved in. Imagine a world where everyone gave their "all" to relationships, work, their community and more. This text will stay with me for the rest of my life.


Opinions are something that most of us have and many times we share them freely with anyone who will listen. Like most, I have notions about the state of the economy, politics, community involvement, social manners, and so forth. I do attempt to see the brighter side of situations however I draw the line when it comes to ranting and raving without action. For example, if you don't like the state of politics let your senators and representatives know how you feel. They cannot "read your mind" so it is imperative that you evoke your right to be heard. Trust me, they want to hear from you.

I'll make this one easy for those living in Alabama. Here's the contact information for our Senators.

Senator Tommy Tuberville (Coach) -

They were elected to represent their constituents - that is you and me! Search your House of Representatives person by district and email them as well.

By the way, a soapbox is a raised platform on which one stands to make an impromptu speech, often about a political subject. The term originates from the days when speakers would elevate themselves by standing on a wooden crate originally used for shipment of soap, or other dry goods, from a manufacturer to a retail store.

Need to brush up on the Constitution of the United States? Click here.


Thanks for reading! Go out and play tourist this weekend! I'm taking my own advice and heading to Osman's for a fine meal and exploring the Maker's Market! See you next week! ~ Charlsie


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