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Fun Facts about Mobile! On Location with Mobile Marble Company! Watermelon Salad on YouTube!

Fun Facts about Mobile, Alabama!

Here are some interesting facts about the port city that you may or may not know!

  • During WWII 17,000 women worked at Brookley Air Force Base. The base closed in 1969. A five-gate terminal is slated to open in 2025 at the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley field and will become the hub for commercial air travel.

  • In 1919 forty blocks or 11 blocks burned due to a fire that started in a trash pile in the rear of Howard Cunningham's Grocery Store located at Hamilton and Madison Streets. Wind fueled the quick spread of the blaze and 1200 people were left homeless. Two hundred homes were lost during the tragic event. Click here to read more.

  • In 1860, Mobile was known as the "Paris of the Confederacy" and 25% of the population were foreigners. It was a golden age for the area and was considered a cosmopolitan city.

  • Malcom McLean, the celebrated “Father of Containerization” had a Mobile connection, when he purchased Mobile’s Waterman Steamship Company and set out to bring his revolutionary idea into existence. He succeeded in 1956 and shipping containers were born. Read more by clicking here.

  • Mobile's Mardi Gras accounts for 1/6th of Alabama's Tourism revenue. There are 80 mystic societies in the area.

  • Mobile has 72 parks and 27 of those have walking trails. There are also seven kayak launches for all of you water lovers.

  • Mobile Museum of Art offers FREE Thursdays for all Mobile residents.

  • The USS Alabama Battleship Park has hosted over 19 million visitors since it opened in 1965. Tourists from 82 foreign countries have explored the #1 Tourist Attraction in Alabama.

  • The celebrated Azalea Trail Maids can thank Bessie Bellingrath for their existence. She started the first Azalea trail tour in the 1920's in Mobile. The first group of maids were introduced in 1949 to promote the trail and the city.

  • The Alabama Contemporary Art Center on Dauphin is the only one in the state. The closest contemporary art center is in New Orleans. ACAC hosts 10-12 exhibitions per year.

As you can see there are plenty of things to celebrate about living in Mobile. I encourage you to take advantage of the unique offerings in the port city this week!


Behind the Scenes at Mobile Marble Company

A bathroom remodel is on just about every home owner's wish list. Mobile Marble Company has been assisting folks for 50 years to make that dream come true. The Lindsey family has a Cultivated Marble production facility on Overlook Road in Mobile. Unlike other remodelers, most products are produced locally and ALL items are sourced in the USA. As David Lindsey said, "Our customers won't be waiting for a slow boat from China for their fixtures".

Owner, David Lindsey & VP Mike Waldo, want their customers to know that they have over 65 years of combined experience in service and installation of their products. Mobile Marble Company offers the highest quality in manufacturing and installation.

Imagine a "tiled" bathroom with no grout lines and products that are mildew and bacteria resistant. That is just what clients can expect from a Mobile Marble installation.

Speaking of installation, they have their own installers on staff, so there is no "jobbing" out of your remodeling project. In addition to tub decks, vanity tops, shower stalls and tub surrounds, they offer a full line of shower doors and mirrors.

The Total Tub Replacement is their #1 requested remodel item. It can be outfitted with safety rails if so desired. The easy gliding seamless shower doors are a popular choice for bathroom projects.

And it just keeps on getting better...Mobile Marble can replace your bathroom cabinets and plumbing fixtures. They are truly a one-stop showroom for all of your remodeling needs.

If you are ready to get started, give their office a call to set up an in-home estimate or set up a private appointment to visit the showroom. Call 251-344-6272 to schedule. They are open Monday - Thursday from 8AM-4PM, closed daily for lunch from noon -1PM. On Friday they are open from 8AM until noon.

Ryan Lindsey (3rd generation), David Lindsey & Mike Waldo


New on YouTube this Week!

Watermelons and blueberries are in abundant supply in the South right now. If you are like me, I'm hesitant to turn on my oven in this sweltering heat. I began looking for some tasty options for a light lunch and this Blueberry & Watermelon Salad fills the need perfectly. Click here to watch and let me know what you think. I shared some with my neighbor and she texted me to tell me "your salad was delicious and I loved the watermelon in it. It was refreshing." Makes 4 servings!

Coming on Sunday at 2PM... Baked Tortellini!!!

This meatless dish is a family favorite. I've been making if for two decades and it is very simple to bake. You only need a short list of ingredients (see video description box) and most are available at Costco, your local grocery and your own garden! Thank goodness I purchased some thyme from A Bloom Nursery, located near Red Bar Espresso. This recipe needs fresh thyme for flavor. If you don't have a plant in your garden, Publix offers beautiful herb plants in their produce section or stop by the nursery. Click here to subscribe to my channel (@charlsiepecoraro) so you won't miss this one! Serve with a green salad or broccoli. This is very filling and will serve 4-6 hungry people!

I have a couple of videos in the works including some "guest chefs" who will be joining me next week! Be sure to subscribe because you don't want to miss this episode.


Keep on Walking!

I know it is too hot to do much of anything physical outdoors unless you are in a pool or you can wake up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat. Folks are getting creative about getting their steps in. In fact, my cameras picked up one of my neighbors walking three dogs at 4:15AM last week. If its too sultry for you, then it is too warm for your fur kids.

So what do you do? You can create an indoor "track" in your home or head to your favorite big box (air conditioned) store and go up and down every aisle. Places like Home Depot and Home Goods welcome your pets, so they can get some exercise too.

There are loads of "walking" programs on YouTube that you can do in the comfort of your space. Just don't use the tropical climate as an excuse to forego taking care of your body. Where there is a will, there's a way!


Amazon Prime and other stuff!

My motto is to shop local as much as possible however there were a couple of things that I picked up during Prime Days that were notable. The leashes pictured to your left are incredible. They are reflective for those late night walks and the handles are padded. That extra attention to comfort makes all the difference in my daily jaunts with the boys. Click here to check them out!

In addition to this, I purchased a new printer for my home office. I know that's pretty boring but hey, it has made my life much better.

It is intriguing how most retailers have jumped on the "prime day" bandwagon offering great deals for their customers. It is a good time to shop for those high ticket items.

On the other hand, this WEEKEND, July 21-23 is tax free in Mobile County on some items in preparation for back to school. So if you need computers, school clothes and supplies this is the week to stock up.


This week, I will leave you with this image! Stop following the crowd! Be bold, be creative and be the best version of you as possible! ~ Charlsie


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