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It is all about perspective!

At least once in your lifetime you probably woke up early to watch the sunrise. Maybe you recall when the first rays of light began appearing in the skyline. I guess we'd all agree that everyday we experience a sunrise and a sunset. Is that truly what is happening?

It is all about perspective. Consider how our earth appears from outer space. Astronauts will tell you that the sun is always shining and it is the earth that revolves; creating what we perceive as a sunrise and sunset. It is customary to believe that everyday the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, however that is not what actually happens.

Why did I take you down this science path? In this time of new experiences we are being given the gift of a different perspective on life. I find that there has been a great reset on what is important in many lives. Self care, relationships and the "little" things have taken on new meaning. I have a new appreciation for meals served on beautiful plates at home. Birds eating at the feeder outside my office window are natural forms of entertainment. I find myself being much more present in conversations and in my life.

Many have been forced off the hamster wheel of corporate jobs only to realize that they were miserable in those situations. The pursuit of what the masses call successful was bringing them no real joy in life. They were going through the motions of what was viewed as normal.

We are being tasked with living in the moment instead of delaying our happiness based on future events. My neighborhood streets are filled with families out riding bikes together creating lasting memories. People are walking and jogging on a daily basis and dogs are enjoying frequent strolls.

Finally there is time to do the things that fundamentally lead to joy.

There are three ways that you experience being present. You accept the situation as it is and make the best of it. Secondly you can find enjoyment in the circumstances and finally you can welcome the changes with enthusiasm. It is all about perspective.

By now, most of you are realizing that we will never return to what we used to call ordinary.

The story of your life has changed.

How are you going to create the rest of your adventure on earth?


Boss of the Week

David Lindsey

Mobile Mable Company

I caught up with business owner, David Lindsey this week. He shared some valuable insight into living along the Gulf Coast.

#1 What insider tip would you share with someone visiting or moving to the Mobile, Alabama area?

Mobile is a great city filled with southern charm. The folks are very friendly.

#2 What are your favorite things about living in the Mobile area?

Mobile is close to at least 5 great beaches. I love the restaurants. I am near our family.

#3 What is one thing you would like for people to know about your business?

We are a true family business having been around for decades. We are hands-on for every project. 98% of our employees have been here over 15 years

#4 What do you do for fun?

I like bike riding, boating, sitting on the beach and working out. I take tops off the jeep and just head out somewhere new. Just hanging out by the pool, reading and watching Netflix.

#5 What has changed about the way you are doing business in Co-Vid?

Lord, everything. We have a really small crew, so the social distancing thing is pretty easy. Our men are wearing mask and keeping their hands washed constantly. We are stressing to them while they are not at our manufacturing plant to just stay home. We are listed as essential because we are tied to new home construction. We are doing our best to keep our 8 folks out of the unemployment line.

Thank you David for sharing with us this week!


Our country is slowly reopening in phases. Social distancing and great sanitation practices are crucial to keep the curve "flat".

Stay healthy folks! ~ Charlsie


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