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Love is in the Air!

Several years ago my husband and I were traveling on business in Orlando, Florida. This sign was atop a restaurant on the Disney property so he pulled out the camera and captured it for me. I can't look at this photo without smiling because it was a lovely evening and a beautiful moment. This week you have the opportunity to create some memories with those you love. Several Meet da' Boss VIP's are offering wonderful and create ways to celebrate on Thursday. Check them out!


Bellissimo Concepts is offering special photography packages throughout the month of February. Capture your memories with professional photography. Click here for more details.

Nouveau on Dauphin has some incredible deals just in time for Valentine's Day. Now is the time to book a massage or day at the spa! Click here to visit their website for all of the details. There are some Mardi Gras specials also!

Kristi and her team of cheesemongers are constantly putting on their creative hats. Valentine's Day has been no exception. Visit her website by clicking here for details on her very special cheese & wine event. Reservations are required! While you are there, check out the monthly classes and sign up for one! You will have a great time!


Today's Monday Marketing Tip explores working capital. Entrepreneurs know that balancing the demands of cash flow and funding the expense of doing business can be daunting at times. Check out this video from Dave Crosby, one of the owners of WYZE and his explanation of working capital. You can skip to 4:42 to get right to business, otherwise enjoy Dave and his family! Click here to watch.


I'd like to take a moment to welcome Andy Wood, Executive Leadership Coach to the Meet da' Boss VIP team! You'll be able to read all about Andy's journey next week. Meanwhile click on his logo for more information!


Next week we'll be looking at the unique challenges facing women entrepreneurs! I'll share some information from Birthing the Elephant, a marketing book by Karin Abarbanel & Bruce Freeman. It has some great tips that I can't wait to pass along to all of you!

I hope you take time this week to show gratitude for what is... and appreciate what can be!



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