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Spring has Arrived! What's New on YouTube? Local Events this Week!

Spring has arrived and the temperatures along the coast are steadily rising. It is a far cry from the freezing nights we experienced last week. Gardens are beginning to "show off" blooms and local garden centers are loaded with beautiful things to add to your own yard. If you missed the sale at Mobile Botanical Garden, there are still plants available at their Marketplace on Fridays & Saturdays!

A Bloom Garden Center is "busting at the seams" with unique bloomers and vegetables ready to join your landscape! I urge you to shop local centers for two reasons. First of all the knowledge that you'll gain from these professionals is priceless. Secondly, the selection is exceptional, unlike the big box stores who seem to carry duplicates of one another.

This is the season that reminds all of us why we love living along the coast. The luscious landscape, including our beaches, makes this a haven for those of us who enjoy nature. Enjoy this gorgeous Friday and spend some time outside today!


New on YouTube and Popular Videos!

This episode will teach you how to make Italian meatballs and a quick marinara sauce that you can use on sliders or over pasta! Fortunately, our local Rouse's carries a meatball/meatloaf mix that includes beef, pork & veal. It is ideal for these meatballs. Click here to learn how to make this delicious handheld!

The popularity of this Chicken Noodle Soup video has really surprised me. Thousands of folks have viewed it and hopefully made this healthy version in their kitchens. My YouTube mentor stressed that the videos that really resonate with folks may astonish you. To be perfectly honest, I almost did not post this one! It is so simple to make plus I had some camera challenges. I am so grateful for the love the YouTube community is showing my channel. Click here to cook with me!

This fail proof pound cake recipe is a regular offering at our house. If you are looking for a dessert that practically everyone will love, this is it! Add some fresh local strawberries with whipped cream to take it to the next level! Click here to watch!


What's Happening on the Coast?

Bellingrath Gardens & Home hosts an Easter egg hunt on April 1. Click here for more details! While you are visiting why not become a member? You'll be on the insider track for everything happening at this popular coastal destination.

Downton Abbey fans still have time to see this wonderful collection of period wardrobe pieces at The History Museum of Mobile. Make plans to visit before this once in a lifetime exhibit leaves the port city!

This weekend you can experience Swan Lake presented by the Mobile Ballet. Click here for more information. The first time I saw Swan Lake, I was in my teens! I am delighted that our community has the opportunity to view this beautiful ballet.


In the Book Corner...Netflix???

Full disclosure, I did not crack a book this week! I know that is shocking to those of you who know me well. Unfortunately, I have been recovering from a sinus infection/sore throat/earache for the past 5 days and reading just wasn't something I desired. However, I could watch television and turned to Netflix for entertainment and perhaps education.

The Law According to Lidia Poet

This series was the perfect one to watch during Women's History Month. It is based on the true story of Lidia Poet, the first female attorney in Italy. The story is set in the late 19th century in Turin, Italy. Despite having earned the certification to practice law, she was disbarred after practicing for three months. The series follows her advocacy for women's rights and her penchant for the law. According to a surviving relative, the series takes a great deal of creative license. In fact, this individual thought it was ridiculous for writers needing to embellish the very intriguing real life of Lidia Poet. That being said, the series caused me to look deeper into the life of this heroic lady. I highly recommend it!

* This one is for mature audiences


While you are here, be sure to check out my Boss Partners! This group of highly talented business owners have been personally vetted by me! I can attest to their superior customer service.

I'll leave you with this one thought for the week!

Remember who you are!

Have a great one! ~Charlsie


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