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Standard Poodles, Mardi Gras, Sunny Saturdays along the Gulf Coast!


For those of you who have followed this blog or have been to our home, you know we are Standard Poodle owners! Our goofy boy, Marcello, has been with us for 8 years. The rumors of this breed being "almost human" are true. He is highly intuitive to the needs of our family however he can be as mischievous as a 5 year old!

It was a wonderful moment in our home when Siba won the Best in Show at this year's Westminster Dog Show. Her inky black coat and perfect conformation were testimony to the dedication of her breeder. I was so happy to read that she is retiring to the "good" life of being a pet and perhaps a momma in the future. Congratulations & well done!


Sunny Saturday along the Gulf Coast!

Saturday morning we were greeted by the sun! A welcome respite from the rainy cold weather that we have been enduring in the South for a few days. Four years ago when we moved to Mobile, we made a commitment to head to the beach often. Being so close is a luxury that we did not have when we lived in Baton Rouge. So we loaded up the car and headed to Baldwin County!

After a quick stop at our new favorite coffee place, Soul Caffeine in Daphne, we headed to Fairhope to catch the Mystic Mutts of Revelry parade! We were happy to see doggies and humans lining the streets of one of our favorite towns awaiting the start of this fundraising event! We did see a beautiful black standard poodle!

This is an annual parade, so click on the link above to follow it on Facebook! Who knows, maybe Marcello and Lil' Jack can participate next year!

Insider tip: Fairhope is a very family & dog friendly town!

Next we drove down to the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area to soak up some sun and take a look at the Gulf! It was a bit too chilly to hang out along the beach; however, just riding by the coast with the windows down reset my brain! Hunger was starting to set in so we stopped at YoHo Rum & Tacos at The Wharf. The food is absolutely wonderful and the view is incredible. Check out the picture below!

Insider tip: Ginny & Lane have a "penny" drink menu at YoHo...that's right, you can order your first drink off the special menu for a cent. The next one will be at the regular price if you decide to order another! There are plenty of healthy options on the menu for anyone watching their sugar intake! The salmon entree is terrific!

We noticed that OWA's park was open and adults & children were braving the cool temps! We decided to stop in and check out a couple of new places that have opened in their "downtown" area! It is exciting to see this theme park gaining some momentum! There is a full day of fun planned for Mardi Gras on Sunday, February 23rd so go check out the link above for details.


Mardi Gras Time in Mobile, Baldwin County, Baton Rouge & New Orleans!

I'm seeing posts from friends on social media that look like this: Float 17, City Hall Side. Those of us who live in or around a city that hosts parades have no trouble deciphering this type of cryptic message! We will line the streets along the parade route and go hoarse trying to get the attention of the messenger! It is all about the beads...

Throw me something Mister!

Here are some links for parades this week & next in our area!

Mobile & Baldwin County - click here!

Baton Rouge - click here!

New Orleans - click here!


Let's give a warm welcome to new Meet da' Boss partners!

Sydney Loper, owner of Play Cafe Mobile has opened a wonderful destination for little ones 5 and under to enjoy imaginative play in a stimulating and safe environment. Parents can meet up with friends and visit over freshly brewed coffee while keeping a close eye on their children. Click here to visit the website! Mobile is fortunate to have such a dedicated lady creating experiences for the "littles" of our community.


Christina Gibson with Thrivent Financial joins the Meet da' Boss partners filling a huge need in the community. She helps her customers with special needs planning, estate planning for seniors and legacy planning. You'll be able to read more about this savvy advisor soon on the website!


Boss of the Week

Sherri Wright


Caring Transitions of Mobile & Baldwin Counties

Her smile says it all! This Boss Lady leads with a warm heart. Her company specializes in downsizing, relocating and resettling seniors. I've seen her interact with her clients and the love and understanding that she offers is amazing! We caught up with her this week and asked her a couple of questions!

#1 - What is one “insider tip” that you would share with people moving to or visiting Mobile, Alabama?

People are kind here, unexpectedly kind!  Especially, if you are not from the south it comes as a surprise to those that are not accustomed to it. When I first moved to South Alabama 11 years ago,  I was told 2 things:  Everyone knows one another so don't speak badly about anyone! The second thing was "You can be anything but rude".  I found that those two things are true. 😊 ~ Sherri

#2 - What is your favorite thing about living in Mobile? 

The truly kind people & it's close to some of the most beautiful beaches around! ~ Sherri

#3 - What is one thing you would like people to know about your business? 

That our name is our vision "CARING TRANSITIONS".  It is our true desire to be caring and to make things as stress free as possible.  It is always our goal to remove stress; however, in order to do that we must be able to do our tasks. We have found that those that have the best experiences trust us to do our work! ~ Sherri

#4 - What do you do for fun? 

I love to travel! I truly enjoy Key West, cruises and the beach.  Leave me on a beach in the middle of nowhere and I'm a happy camper! The Gulf, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean are sources of revitalization for me.


Some of you will be enjoying a holiday on President's Day! Enjoy the time away from your work and do something fun with the people you treasure! This week I watched an impromptu video by Meredith Simmerman, counselor. She urged everyone to send a text, a message or pick up the phone and call someone that is important to you. The only time on this planet that we are assured of is NOW. Be present in the present and let people know they matter. Have a joy filled week! ~ Charlsie


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