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Staying Positive & Productive While Working From Home - Create A Dedicated Space!

This week meet da'boss partner Diane Cashen shared some great tips on social media about how to create a home office space that will foster productivity. Diane is a popular interior designer in Mobile and has worked on both commercial and residential projects all over the South.

She has worked from home for many years and found that certain things help her be the best possible version of herself. Here are some of her suggestions:

Tip #1 - Pick a spot that works for you & your family. If you have the luxury of a spare bedroom, then utilize it for your home office. Otherwise, you can arrange your family room to accommodate a desk as Diane has done in her own home.

Tip #2 - You need a good surface, comfortable seating and good lighting. It is important that you create a space that allows you to work. Sitting at your desk or kitchen table gives you the surface space to spread out needed files, etc. Lighting is essential and if you have the luxury of a window view, by all means use it! No one wants to be sitting for hours in an uncomfortable chair, so find one in your home or purchase a new one.

Tip #3 - You are going to need a good internet connection in order to work. With the popularity of Zoom calls this is essential.

Tip #4 - Make a schedule and STICK to it! Plan your day and limit distractions. Diane and I discussed how tempting it can be to stop and put on a load of laundry or do some menial tasks while working from home. It will take some effort to get in the work zone however the payoff will reflect in the growth of your business.

Tip #5 - Have some organizers to pack things up, especially if you are resigned to working from the kitchen table. Keeping everything together will cut down on time wasted looking for that important document or computer charger.

When we were discussing how to help others deal with the temptations of working from home, we both agreed that getting up, having some "me" time and then getting dressed for the day really sets the tone for being creative. We've all heard about the crazy stories of people on Zoom calls in their pajamas with bedhead. That is not a habit of a leader. As tempting as it may be to stay in your robe all day, don't do it!

Finally it is a great idea to create a spot that reflects your personality. If it appears that working for home may be a long term thing, start shopping for a comfortable chair and desk. Find some accessories that make you happy. Create a space that puts a smile on your face!

Watch Diane's video by clicking here.


Boss of the Week

Charles McCorquodale


When you first meet Charles McCorquodale you may be surprised to learn that he is an injury attorney. His quiet, friendly demeanor is not what one expects to encounter in this type of lawyer. We caught up with him this week and asked him some questions.

#1 What insider tip would you give people visiting or moving to Mobile?

Connect with local people in your area of business or niche, your community, including local schools or churches, as well as your own neighborhood.

#2 What is your favorite thing about living in the Mobile area?

Mobile is a convenient location for you & your family, especially those with young children. It is great for business activities & resources, as well as outdoor spaces like timberland, beaches, and other bodies of water.

#3 What is one thing you would like people to know about your firm?

We can help to assist you with legal issues that you may face. Including how to pay for ongoing medical bills and expenses that resulted from an accident and that your doctors deem reasonable and necessary for medical treatment. You may feel like you have to deal with so many items at once. We can help you during a time that may feel like a struggle to you.

#4 What do you do for fun?

Meet with people and listen to their story, especially listening to their childhood memories, their past successes, and how they dealt with any challenges they face. I like to really listen and understand their feelings and emotions.

#5 What has changed about your business during Co-Vid?

I have adjusted business hours so that I can work with people in the field. I have had to alter meetings and frequency of contact. No public places or events.

Thank you Charles for sharing!


Many of us are going through a myriad of emotions. Some are enjoying the additional time spent at home with family. Others are struggling to keep focused on doing their job from home, teaching their children and finding personal time.


Shine your light on what you want and protect your thoughts from the barrage of negative media. There is an addiction to unhappiness prevalent in our country. Please don't participate! Settle into being present in your life today and find the things you are grateful for.

I placed a bird feeder outside of my office window and have been treated to many cardinals, blue jays and various other birds. There are an occasional opportunists; pesky squirrels and even two wild rabbits. All of this activity is occurring less than 10 feet from my desk. Those momentary breaks of watching wildlife are a great reminder for me to relish the moment.

Make the most of your week.

Make the most of the opportunities that unfold for you.

Make the most of your time.



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