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The Unexpected Things in Life & Ways to Cope!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where unexpected challenges overwhelm you? Last week, I came home to find my beloved poodle, Marcello, limping. It was too late in the day to get on the road to our vet's office so I gave him some pain meds, wrapped the leg and iced it. He could not put any weight on the affected limb, so I was thinking it might be fractured. Early the next morning I headed to the Gulf Coast Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Biloxi. It is owned by veterinarians, Jeff & Jennifer Sutton. They have been taking care of my dogs for years. Fortunately, Marcello did not suffer any broken bones (thank goodness) so he is on "bed rest" for the next two weeks.

This incident happened right before my kitchen sink flooded the cabinet below it and several other hurdles occurred. (Happy Valentine's Day to us). Whew! It seemed like something difficult was taking place daily in my household. The dog is on the mend, the plumbing has been changed and the other bumps in the road of life have been dealt with. My husband and I postponed our Valentine's Day celebration until later in the month. We have that to look forward to! The attention that he gave to all of the calamities meant more to me than roses, chocolates or an evening out. His loving concern for our sweet dog melted my heart.

Here are some tips for dealing with unexpected stressful situations:

  • Get enough sleep, even if that means taking a nap. The second day after his injury, Marcello woke me up at 2AM crying to go outside. It took me a few hours to get back to sleep, so I ended up needing a nap later in the day. If you have trouble falling asleep check out this YouTube channel -

  • Minimize the things that you "must do". I own my own company and work from home, so I can arrange my days to fit my needs. I did reschedule some appointments because I knew that I would not be at my best for my clients. I am not at my finest if I have not slept enough. There was a time in my life where I would just "push through the discomfort" however now I know that is not the best choice for me or my customers.

  • Go outside and soak up some sun. We had some beautiful spring like days here in Mobile. I took Marcello and Jack outside and we enjoyed the lovely climate.

  • Eat healthy, don't grab those sugary snacks. Indulging in "junk" food will not fix anything.

  • It might be tempting to have a cocktail or two in the evening of a stressful day. Do this in moderation if you elect to have a glass of wine or your favorite adult beverage.

  • Let others help you. Say yes to assistance from your family & friends.

  • Listen to inspiring music or podcasts. I am always amazed at how music can affect one's mood.

  • Exercise, even if it is a simple walk or a yoga practice.

  • Do something you enjoy like a hobby or sport. Sometimes I need to garden or cook just to reset my brain during stressful times.

  • Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever...these challenging times will be replaced and forgotten quicker than you imagine.

  • Take some simple steps daily to complete your tasks. My friend, Amy Rainwaters, is a Health and Wellness Coach. She is quick to remind me that simple steps add up quickly. You can do things like spending 5 minutes picking up an area or laying out your clothes for the next day before you go to bed. Find some savvy ways to manage your time.

  • Get a massage, a chiropractic adjustment or maybe a facial. Take some time and do something for yourself. Did you know that The Joint Chiropractic offers a $29 special for every first time client? You'll get an evaluation, consultation and adjustment!

It is natural to experience stress when unexpected hardships occur. Usually you can adopt some of the tips I suggested previously and overcome the negative feelings. What if the anxiety lingers? What should you do next?

Perhaps you need the professional guidance of someone like Amy Rainwaters, Mayo Clinic Certified Health & Wellness Coach. She is ready to share with you some simple steps to finding more balance in your personal and professional life.

If you are interested in knowing more, give her a call at 513-225-8206 to set up a consultation. She is able to ZOOM with clients or consult via the phone.

One of the best investments you can make is in yourself. If you are happy and in balance, you'll attract others who are like you. It is one of the keys to having an enjoyable life experience.


David Carpenter, owner of Upspyre was in my studio filming a video for YouTube about the role of a personal development or business coach. Click here to watch the recording.

Marcello absolutely adores David and photo-bombed the shoot. You'll notice him getting loads of pets from David while he answers my questions. I have always said that pets are a great judge of character! To illustrate just how caring this businessman is, he offered to come over to check on my dog. Who does that? Well, a genuinely compassionate person like David!

He wanted me to remind you that one of the things that Upspyre offers is an unparalleled identity theft program. This is something that everyone needs to look into with online shopping & banking at an all time high. Give him a call at 251-263-4410 for info.


What's New on YouTube?

My mom's recipe for Chicken-n-Dumplings has been a comfort food in my home for decades. I remember calling her years ago and scribbling down the ingredients. She was an excellent cook, who used her senses to season and measure. I am thankful she taught me how to "feel" my way through recipes and taste everything along the way. I am sharing this one at the request of my cousin, Linda Robertson and my sister, Mary Harrison. Both of them are calling Georgia home these days! Click here to watch this Southern Classic! Please subscribe to my channel for more great recipes, interviews with boss partners and some dog friendly episodes too! Let me know what recipes you'd like to see in future video!


It is Mardi Gras Season on the Gulf Coast!

If you venture into any of the local grocery stores you are bound to be greeted by a huge display of King Cakes! I remember my oldest daughter, Sarah, anxiously awaiting the season so that she could have some for breakfast before school. The cinnamon flavored concoction is the most popular variety. If you want to be adventurous try the Strawberry Cream Cheese or Pecan Praline flavor.

Have you wondered about the King Cake "baby" and its purpose? I am shooting a YouTube video later and will be sharing some long forgotten New Orleans traditions surrounding this little plastic treasure. Be sure and subscribe to my channel by clicking here. You don't want to miss this one!

By the way, Rouse's will ship a King Cake right to your door. Click here to order!


Ready to Travel? How about a road trip to Greenville, SC?

Many of you know that I lived in the Upstate for years and one of my favorite festivals was Artisphere held in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. Mark your calendars for this upcoming event held on May 6-8, 2022. Click here to visit the official website! The art, food, music and atmosphere is something to behold. I know that travel guru, Adrienne Tate can help you plan this one! Visit her page at


Enjoy Mardi Gras season and definitely indulge in a slice of King Cake! May we all have wonderful weekends and a great week! ~ Charlsie


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