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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from my home to yours! Here are some delicious desserts for you!

My gift to you this holiday season is a collection of wonderful dessert recipes that you can make for your family over the holidays. I encourage you to gather in your kitchen and create some new memories together! Some of these enticing recipes are decades old and I am delighted to share them with you.

I've been busy creating a Countdown to the Holidays video playlist featuring yummy desserts for you to make for your family and friends. Here are just a few of my favorites on the list. Click here to see my YouTube channel! Like & subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

Southern Pecan Pies are a traditional holiday dessert in the Deep South. The abundance of pecan trees in our area makes this a natural "go-to" for cooks on the Gulf Coast. This recipe is one of the easiest to make in the countdown. Click here to watch this episode.

Oh my goodness, these Snowball cookies certainly are taming my internal cookie monster. They are melt-in-your-mouth nuggets of heaven! This is another simple recipe that you can make over the holidays for your loved ones. Click here to watch the video and enjoy!

In our house, you just can't have too many cookies. These loaded Christmas Cookies are filled with everyone's favorites including chocolate chips, pecans, M & M's and peanut butter. Oh yummy! Ready to stir up a batch, click here to watch the video.

Here's another easy and delicious dessert recipe that my late friend, Bill Bromley shared with me. Every time someone makes this, I know he smiles! Hello Dollies only take a few minutes to assemble and the flavor is delightful.

Click here to cook with me!

My mother-in-law, Marion Pecora, made these cookies for my hubby when he was little. Fortunately, he got the recipe from her. (He regrets not mastering her tomato sauce recipe). Marion Cookies insure that she is a part of every holiday. Click here and watch the video!

If you REALLY want to create a dessert memory for your guests, this is the one to make and it is so easy. New Orleans Style Bread Pudding should be on everyone's list to bake over the holidays. Be sure to use day old French bread for the best results. Click here!

Do you have fresh blueberries in your refrigerator and don't know what to do with them? This Blueberry Torte is an appetizing addition to your dessert table. It can be served warm or cold! I altered an apple version of fellow YouTuber Annalisa J's. Watch the video here.

For years, I didn't even attempt to make Creme Brûlée because I was afraid to torch the sugar topping. Can anyone else relate? Time to face your culinary nemesis and order a butane torch! This recipe is simple and WOW it has such a wonderful flavor. Click here.

In the Smith family, Buttermilk Pies have become a holiday tradition thanks to my sister, Mary Smith Harrison. Her southern style of cooking reminds me of our dear Grandmother, Letha Smith. Enjoy this one from my sister's kitchen!

Click here to watch!

Here is an exquisite custard concoction for you to attempt while "hunkered" down due to the arctic blast. I was first introduced to this pie at Rouse's, a Louisiana grocery chain. Their version is delightful and this recipe takes it to a new level! Click here to watch

Check out my YouTube channel for more recipes including the playlist "Soup for the Soul" featuring tasty bowls of goodness.


This week I will be compiling my very first list of favorites from 2022. I'll share some of my discoveries with you in the final blog of the year! Until then, stay warm and find moments to express your gratitude to others around you. Thank you for spending time with me. ~ Charlsie Pecoraro



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