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Welcome to the family farm!

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meet da' boss

As you drive along Alabama Highway 45, the lush trees and rural landscape have a relaxing and almost hypnotic effect preparing you for your introduction to Triple T Farm. Meet Chad Turner,  owner and visionary of this local business.  In 2018 he chose to create a new purpose for his kinfolk’s century old property. The land has been in his family since 1910 when his great grandfather, George Quiggle settled on the acreage located in Fruitdale, Alabama.  


Recycled wood from the original hundred-year-old barn serves as a tribute to Chad’s great-grandfather. In fact the doors of the main event space are made from this reclaimed wood.


The feeling of love for the farm and for the family is evident when you explore the grounds.


295 Hilltop Triple T Road

Fruitdale, Alabama


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