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A little lesson...

Mobile & Baldwin Counties are coastal areas situated on the Gulf of Mexico. The international port is the 9th largest in the country and home to a Carnival Cruise liner. The beautiful beaches, historic sites and arts attract close to 10 million visitors every year.

The area is filled with local owners serving both local customers and visitors. Southern hospitality is prominent in these privately owned endeavors. Charm is one of the characteristics that attracts folks to the area.

Mobile is home to the Alabama Contemporary Art Center, the only one in the state. It also offers Mobile Opera, Mobile Ballet Company and the Mobile Symphony. It hosts monthly Art Walks showcasing local and international talent.

The Mobile Tensaw River Basin offers an abundance of ecotourism opportunities for people of all ages. Kayaking, boating, fishing and hunting are available for outdoors enthusiast. Additionally, there are 72 parks with 27 trails and 7 kayak launches. 

History is a big part of the area's appeal. Founded in 1702, one will find evidence of French and Spanish influence in the historic buildings. Locals and visitors can tour forts, antebellum homes, museums and more.

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