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Meet da' Boss

The story of REDBAR Espresso began with a genuine love of coffee by owner, Dr. Mike Bucknell.  In typical "Dr. Mike" fashion, he delved into the "how to's" of making the perfect cup of java at home.


A pivotal moment occurred when he visited Klatch Roasters in Rancho Cucamonga, California. This  memorable brew experience set the bar high. He knew that we wanted to bring this type of coffee artistry to his community. 


Learning to prepare a perfect cup of coffee started at home with a coffee grinder, an espresso machine, a whipped cream charger and beans sourced from Klatch. Friends and family began raving about his coffee concoctions and he realized he was on to something. This laid the foundation for what would become REDBAR Espresso & Market.

REDBAR 6658.jpeg

7681 Old Shell Road, Suite A

Mobile, Alabama 36608


Monday - Friday 7AM-10PM

Saturday New Hours - 8AM-10PM

Sunday - 8AM-7PM

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