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Are you a morning person?

Let's jump right in to my Monday morning tip!

Recently I read an article by Ben Hardy called "8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8AM". I admit that I was doing some of his suggestions but there were a few things that jumped out at me. His number 3 was to Journal 5-15 minutes every day. By nature, I am a list maker but not a person who feels compelled to write down my dreams. Here's why he believes that this is a powerful tool. Until your aspirations become emotional for you, they will not be real. If you take the time to map out what you want on paper then inspiration can go to work in your life! Suddenly the right people and opportunities will arise along your path. Another idea was to Invest in your Key Relationships. Nurturing your bond with mentors, colleagues, family and friends is important. Let's be honest here, how long does it take to send a thankful email or drop a card in the post? I know that when I get an encouraging note or private message it means the world to me. Take a few minutes and read the entire article. I know you will walk away with a new perspective of how to invest in your dreams every morning!

This week I finished reading Julia Pimsleur's book entitled Million Dollar Women. It's available at your local library or click the link and order on Amazon. She created a language learning system called Little Pim and this book shares her path to success. She goes into great detail about raising capital for your business. If you are aiming for the multi-million dollar mark, then this is a great book for you. She has an entire chapter devoted to helping you get off the entrepreneur's hamster wheel using fill in the blank exercises!

Locally in Mobile, revelers are gearing up for Mardi Gras season with grand balls and parades filling the calendar. Our friends at the Mobile Carnival Museum have a parade schedule published on their website. Click here to view!

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is in the air and many of you are wondering what to do for that someone special on Valentine's Day. Several of Meet da' Boss VIP's have some creative ways to spoil your partner.

Nouveau on Dauphin has several incredible offers for spa services available. Both women and men enjoy the relaxing setting at their spa!

Kristi and her team at The Cheese Cottage are offering a unique Valentine's Day experience with limited seating. Sign up here for one of the available time slots. This would be a lovely treat for your special one.

The Meet da' Boss team was on the go last week. We had a wonderful photo shoot with Jim Miller and his team at Coastal Human Resources Group. You'll be able to read more about his company later this week at

Have an inspiring & creative last week of January 2019!




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