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Birthing the Elephant

Most of you reading this blog are in business for yourself. You may know someone who is considering pursuing the self-employment dream. Please feel free to share this motivating information with them. Karin Abarbanel & Bruce Freeman have written an inspiring book for budding entrepreneurs called Birthing the Elephant. This easy to read work addresses trading comfort for independence and looks at the highs and lows of starting your own company. How do you know if you are ready to take the plunge? Let's look at the telltale signs detailed in Chapter 4:

1. Your personal values are out of sync with those of the corporate world.

2. Your "learning curve" flattens.

3. You find yourself beyond burnout.

4. You find yourself thinking about a great idea...constantly.

5. You've been fired or laid off, your job is at risk - or you've just had enough.

6. Your career and family priorities are undergoing a life-changing shift.

7. Lack of opportunity in constraining your growth.

8. You find yourself fantasizing about starting your own business.

9. You find yourself moonlighting in response to an inner drive.

10. You realize that you would rather lead than manage.

Do any of these statements resonate with you? It may be time to take the leap to business ownership! Keep scrolling because I've got just the person to help you decide!


Meet Dr. Andy Wood of LiveVesting. He is an Executive Leadership Coach and is ready to assist anyone in a performance based enterprise.

Empowering people is his passion and his decades of experience are priceless. There are so many "coaches" cropping up offering to help assist people with everything from finding inner peace to establishing a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Wood boasts a proven track record of coaching and counseling for up-and-coming or established business owners. His credentials include a doctoral degree in Organization Leadership and many years of implementation.

Contact him for a free initial consultation by calling 806-392-3994. Read all about him on Meet da' Boss!


Warmer temperatures mean it is time to explore the Port City. Click here for information on what to do in Mobile. Mardi Gras parades are rolling, click here for a schedule from our friends at the Mobile Carnival Museum. The Cheese Cottage has Cheese 101 class today! Click here for upcoming classes, they are always so much fun and fill up quickly! Our friends at Noveau Day Spa have some wonderful Mardi Gras specials. Click here to take advantage of them! Do you need some new photographs taken? Bellissimo Concepts is offering several February specials. Click here for the details!


Have a greatl week and remember to support local and shop local when you can!



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