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Celebrating Our Independence on the 4th!

Many of you will be celebrating Independence Day this Thursday, July 4th with friends and family. In fact, it may be the start of a long weekend for some of you. Whether you are grilling in the back yard or heading out on the water in your boat, I hope you have a wonderful day! Here are some fun facts that you can "wow" your family with!

Did you know?

~ Only John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. The remaining 55 men signed it later.

~The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence occurred on July 8, 1776 in Philadelphia and was followed by the ringing of the Liberty Bell. Today the bell is "tapped" 13 times on July 4th to honor the first 13 colonies. It can not be rung due to the famous crack.

~The lead author of the Declaration was Thomas Jefferson and he was only 33 at the time. The average age of the men who signed was 55. Benjamin Franklin was the oldest at age 70 and Thomas Lynch was the youngest at age 27.

~In 1776 there were 2.5 million people living in what would become the United States. Now there are over 316 million. My, how we've grown!

~Eating Salmon & green peas on the 4th is a tradition in New England. Salmon was abundant in the region during the summer so it became a favorite! Hey this is one I plan to adopt at our home!

~ 150 million hot dogs will be consumed. That's enough to reach from Washington DC to Los Angeles 5 times.

~We will spend $1 billion on beer and another $560 million on wine. That's good news for our friend, Brooke at Domke Market! More beer is sold for this holiday than any other. She has a great selection of craft beers!

~There are 15,000 fireworks displays throughout the country put on by local cities and towns. We've got a few slated for our area!

July 4th Events around Mobile!

Free cruises on the Perdido Queen from 2-6PM. Click here for information.

City of Mobile Independence Day Celebration begins at 2PM with fireworks at 9PM. Click here for details!

4th of July Celebration at OWA includes activities inside the theme park. There is a non-rider ticket available. Click here for information.


Pet owners please take some precautions with your furkids on July 4th. Our dogs don't mind the sound of fireworks but others are not so fortunate.

Here are a few things you can do!

1. Keep them indoors during the 4th of July Fireworks.

2. Get them microchipped. Mobile SPCA will microchip them for you for a nominal fee.

3. Make sure they have collars and ID tags on. So many dogs "escape" the house during fireworks celebrations and run for cover.

4. Consider getting a thunder shirt and plan to cuddle with them in the evening. I have friends who put on relaxing music, burn lavender incense and snuggle with their scared doggies.


We want to welcome Richard Lindsey & Paula Waldo to the Meet da' Boss VIP's. This team of Certified Public Accountants want to bring value to your business relationship with them. They specialize in small business accounting and will take on individuals also. You'll be able to read all about them on my site later in July. Meanwhile visit their website at


Here are some things happening in our area this week:

Monday, July 1 - Summer Wine Soirée: Red, White & Barbeque at Domke Market, click here for information.

Sunday, July 7th The Cheese Cottage is hosting July Brunch On The Patio, click here for details.

Starting July 1st "Where's Waldo" will be in downtown Mobile with The Cheese Cottage participating along with other local businesses. Click here for this fun activity.

On Wednesday, July 10th, Bellissimo Concepts Photography & Ashley Scarbrough will be hosting an event called How to Apply Makeup & Pose for Photographs! This is a free event with limited seating so sign up now by clicking here. It is a great Girls Night Out.


Please take time this week to enjoy your family & friends. Let's celebrate our independence and continue to be grateful for the freedom that we hold dear in the United States!



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