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Compassionate Leadership

Last week we looked at creating new circumstances. Sometimes the change begins with you! Dr. Andy Wood did a blog post a few years ago called 11 Qualities of a Compassionate Leader. In the article he goes over some very important characteristics. I want to touch on a few of my favorites now.

#1 Concern - ask yourself this, "Are you concerned about the condition others find themselves in regardless of your own circumstances"? Compassionate leaders recognize a fundamental truth – we aren’t just a bunch of human silos, isolated to live our own lives and do our own work.

#3 Identification - Compassionate leaders celebrate the victories of their team members, employees, or organization members, whether they had any role in that success or not.

#10 Sensitivity - Compassionate leaders try to discover an underlying cause when someone is off of their game. They may not be able to solve the challenge, however awareness and support are solutions in themselves.


Last Wednesday, Lisa Underwood Harkey was the featured speaker at the Bay Area BNI meeting on Tuesday. Lisa owns and operates Alacoast Insurance Company. She addressed the need for all of us to consider adding an umbrella policy of coverage to our existing one to protect our assets from uninsured motorist.

Did you know that 18.4% of drivers in Alabama are uninsured? Our neighbors in Mississippi have 23.7 % of people driving without coverage however Florida wins with 26.7% - that is 1 in 4 drivers.

Lisa and her team will be happy to review your present coverage and offer you some great options. Give her a call at 251-661-4410 or email at


Welcome to Hope Sims Binegar, owner of Shop for Promo to the Meet da' Boss VIP's! Hope has everything and anything that you might need to promo your business. She offers t-shirts, embroidery, mugs, pens, koozies, key chains, mobile phone accessories and thousands of trendy products. Are you getting ready for a trade show or local event? Hope can help! You'll be able to read all about her on the site later this week!


Now that the weather is cooperating our Meet da'Boss members are hosting all sorts of events in the area. Last week, we caught up with David Carpenter, Upspyre, at his networking lunch. First Friday of the month means Domke Market's Wine Club! We had fun enjoying a glass with friends.

Believe in yourself this week! I assure you that the universe is conspiring to support success in all that you do!



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