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Conquering Fear in Uncertain Times

Lil' Jack, Shih Tzu

Hello readers!

I tend to write from a positive perspective and this week's blog will not disappoint despite the headline! Meet Jack, my rescued Shih Tzu dog. This one-eyed bundle of courage inspires me on a daily basis. He has no fear, except FOMO (his nickname) or the "fear of missing out".

This little beast wakes up spunky and ready to tackle whatever the day delivers. He has expectations for daily walks and delicious meals so he holds me accountable. Despite the turmoil on our planet, his world continues on without any worry or thought.

Worry is a waste of energy. I'm not advocating that you throw caution to the wind, however I do believe that you can be happy and safe in the moment. Last week I was catching up on the phone with a good friend of mine who lives in North Carolina. She had just returned home from a cross country trip out west. I wanted to know about her flying experience and what she observed on her road trip home.

The interesting point that she made was that there were many people who were behaving as if no virus exists. Others were taking precautions and being respectful of everyone. She believes that intelligent practices will keep people healthy. I agree with her. As a world traveler, she noted that she has never seen airplanes so clean and people so friendly. When I asked her if she was ready to take another trip her answer was absolutely.

Fear can be paralyzing and worry is a poor use of your thoughts. I challenge everyone to be smart in day to day activities. Keep up the sanitary practices and by all means if you are ill, stay home. I keep a mask in my handbag along with sanitizer and I use both of them. I know we will get through this challenge and be better versions of ourselves because of it.


Meet my friend, Adrienne Tate and travel agent. Her company, Unique Destinations is featured on my website under the Mobile tab.

I wanted to put a spotlight on her this week since so many people are thinking about their next vacation. The desire for a change of scenery was evident when I drove down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Saturday. The beaches were packed with families enjoying the public space.

Adrienne is ready to work with you on your next trip whether it is a cruise or a cross-country driving experience. Her services are free and you benefit from having an advocate in your corner.

You'll want to subscribe to her newsletter and check out her travel blogs for insider tip!


Imagine you are engaged to be married and your wedding was planned for the spring of 2020. Co-Vid and mandated social distancing played a big role in postponed weddings.

I caught up with Chad Turner, owner of Triple T Farm Wedding Venue, to find out how his business is handling the challenges. Fortunately, the majority of the weddings that were booked have rescheduled.

Chad's easy going manner, puts most couples at ease. His willingness to work with them on future dates has been a relief for his brides. Now that restrictions have eased, the wedding season is back at the farm!

He continues to provide private tours of the property to perspective couples. Booking one is easy, just visit


Boss of the Week

Lisa Underwood Harkey

Alacoast Insurance

This week my Boss of the Week on social media is Lisa Harkey. Be sure to follow our Facebook page by clicking here to find out her insider tips and more. This Alabama native started her own insurance agency in 2013 with zero clients. She shared that she recalls unlocking the door to her first location on Government Street with some butterflies. Fortunately, her very first client walked in the door that day and she has never looked back. Be sure to read the updated biography about this remarkable female entrepreneur on the website by clicking here.


I am an avid reader. This was a habit that I learned from my dad, who had stacks of books in his bedroom. He taught me that reading could open up a whole new world of knowledge. I also discovered that there are plenty of fiction books that offer a great escape from time to time.

I mentioned the book, pictured on the left, last week and wanted to share something from the final chapter that really made my grey cells work!

There are 9 questions that Wayne Dyer leaves the reader to ponder. If you are seeking a no-limit life, then this is for you. I'll share the first one this week.

#1 If you suddenly discovered that you had six months to live, how would you change your life?

That question puts me in the present moment quicker than any other statement I have encountered. What does it do for. you?

Have a wonderful week! ~ Charlsie



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