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Create Better Circumstances

What if being successful was as simple as creating better circumstances in your life? The old adage of doing the same thing and expecting different results rings true. Sometimes the change needed is your attitude. In the book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill stated, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” Do you REALLY believe in your dreams or are you "faking" it?

Did you know that it is easier to conceive of something than to truly believe in it? Actually it is easy to think you believe in something when you really don't. You are probably shaking your head, wondering what is the difference. Belief is trust, faith and confidence in something.

I have many "I just know" moments in my life and I attribute that to several things. One is creating a morning routine or ritual to set the tone for the day. Author, Ben Hardy states that the first three hours of your day make it or break it. How do you spend yours?

Check out this interesting article: This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours per Week.

HIs idea of starting with one keystone habit resonated with me. Changing one negative habit into a good one seems reasonable for anyone to tackle. Creating a new response or "circumstance" when you are tempted to slide back into a nonproductive action makes sense.

The Meet da' Boss VIP's are entrepreneurs on the leading edge of their select industries. They can assist you with a variety of keystone habits! This week, Bobby Howell of Clean Eatz joined the team. If you want to make a healthy lifestyle change, go spend some time with him at his location on Airport Blvd. It is so much more than a restaurant. You'll be able to read more about the business later this week on MDB.

Dr. Andy Wood, of LifeVesting will be happy to "hold up a mirror" and guide you towards your goals with his executive leadership program. Remember that he is offering your first hour of consultation at no charge! Think about it, you "tune up" your car on a regular basis, why not do the same for your goals?

Are you struggling with the office part of your business? Contact Michelle Tice, Business Development Manager, at Coastal Human Resources for assistance. They offer a variety of services that will take your company to the next level and relieve some of the headaches you might be experiencing.

Part of success is keeping your life in balance. When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? Our friends at Nouveau on Dauphin are offering wonderful specials for massage during the month of April. For a business person, it is just as important to have some recovery time as it is to be in the arena!

Most of you are out networking with others and sometimes you are faced with speaking in public, the #1 fear of many people. Well, I've got just the person to help you! David Carpenter is a motivational speaker and coach. Read more about his business, Upspyre.


Clean Eatz is located at 7335 Airport Blvd in Mobile. Hours are M-F 11AM-7PM & Saturday from 11AM-3PM. Owner, Bobby Howell, offers a cafe, meal plans (awesome), catering & custom diets! I encourage everyone to stop in

and create your own bowl of delicious food for lunch! Those of you looking for a lean & green combination will find it at Clean Eatz! I'll be posting his page later this week, but in the meantime stop by and introduce yourself! I think you are going to like it!


This Monday morning I've had to put the heat on to curb the chill of last night's cool temps. Mother nature has played her own April Fool's joke on us! I hope spring will return later this week! I've got more great businesses joining the site next week and will be put the spotlight on them in the blog!



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