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Creating Lasting Christmas Memories!

It is hard to believe that Christmas week is here! Folks are literally wrapping up their last minute gifts and grocery stores are bustling with shoppers. I reached out to my business partners, friends and family and asked about their favorite holiday memories. Interestingly not one person mentioned expensive presents. Every person that responded to my query shared a tale of a family tradition. That feeling of love is at the base of every family memory shared.

Christmas Traditions!

Adrienne Tate, travel guru and owner of Unique Destinations by Adrienne Tate, told me how Jeff, the kids and she gather by the fireplace and roast marshmallows for Smores on Christmas Eve. They settle in for a Christmas movie like Christmas Story and sip on hot chocolate. This sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with the family. Here is a quick recipe for Smores! Enjoy!

Houston Horne, owner of Handy Guys Moving Service, shared one of his favorite memories. His family celebrated Christmas at his grandmother's house in the Mississippi Delta. He recalled a huge roaring fire and all the kids ripping open their presents. Breakfast was eggs Benedict, freshly squeezed orange juice and Kringle.

The day was topped off with a cold ride on the horses followed by a big dinner!

Mayor Brandon Van Hook, owner of The Hickory Pit in Semmes, shared his family's annual Christmas cookie evening. Everyone was in the kitchen that night and some delicious looking treats were baked. Who doesn't love a homemade chocolate chip or peanut butter cookie?

After the baking was finished, the family gathered around the television to watch the movie classic, Miracle on 34th Street.

This family centered activity is just the kind of thing that his children will remember for the rest of their lives. In fact, they will probably return home years from now with their kids in tow to celebrate with Brandon & Cindy.

Looking for some Christmas Cookie recipes? Click here for some ideas from the Food Network!

One tradition that I started with my four kids was Pajama Christmas Day. Before we moved to South Carolina, our holidays were filled with huge celebrations at other relatives' homes. After the relocation, I realized that we could stay at home for the holiday. Thus the Pajama Christmas tradition was born! The kids could remain in their PJ's all day if they wanted to and enjoy their gifts. After years of having to get dressed up, they loved it!


So whether it's baking holiday treats, hanging a favorite stocking or enjoying a movie as a family, the simple traditions are the ones that seem to mean the most. This year, create some lasting memories with the ones you love! From all of us at meetdaboss, wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

Merry Christmas!


Just a reminder that a planet conjunction between Saturn & Jupiter will occur tonight, December 21, 2020. Be sure and spend some time outdoors to see this once in a lifetime occurrence.



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