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Father's Day, Family Time, Bosses of the Week & a Visit to Baton Rouge!

My dad
William Bond Smith, Jr.

Hello Readers!

I absolutely love sharing this picture of my dad with all of you. He embodied kindness and passed that character trait on to his children. He was the polar opposite of my vivacious and creative mother. His soft spoken manner always lent a sense of calmness to our home. Dad spoke volumes of approval or at times, disapproval, with one look.

Daddy took his role as father seriously and worked to keep his kids in college and food on the table. He selflessly put his family first for his entire life. He even tended to his parents without giving it a second thought. It was a tradition for us to have Sunday lunch together at their home or ours. I recall feeling so loved by him and by his parents. I was one of the lucky ones to grow up in a home with folks that loved their children. My dad's parents echoed that sentiment and showered their grandchildren with affection.

Seriously, my Daddy was a genius. His mathematical wired mind worked faster than a TI calculator. I remember being in an honors math class at Vandebilt Catholic HS and having to buy one for school. He challenged me to put it aside and use my brain instead. One of my earliest memories is sitting on my bed with him counting out the contents of my piggy bank. He showed me the magic of math using quarters, nickels, pennies and the much beloved dimes! We loved to count out dimes together and by far, they are my favorite coin.

Dad was a champion on the tennis court in his youth. He also loved to bowl, play baseball and read. I played tennis and bowled because of him. I read daily because of the example he set. His legacy lives on in these hobbies.

He served his country as a Marine on Iwo Jima during WWII. One of his fellow servicemen, Roy Stewart, told me that everyone loved to hear his infectious laugh. They would come up with ways to get him going. I count my blessing daily that he returned home from that war zone.

I was 19 when his journey ended on this planet, however he left an imprint on me, his youngest child. Thank you, Daddy, for showing me what unconditional love looks like. I will be forever in your debt. ~ Charli


Self-isolation meant that I have missed out on seeing this little one for three months. She turned 8 on the 11th of June, so I headed over to Baton Rouge to celebrate.

We enjoyed a "girls night in" at the DoubleTree, eating pizza and watching the Disney Channel. Our favorite hotel was open for business, however the pool and restaurant were closed. She was disappointed that her beloved staff didn't have warm cookies waiting!

I imagine for most of you that not seeing family has been the most difficult challenge. I really enjoy spending time with folks I love. It was good to have a little slice of normal again!

Happy 8th Birthday, Sydney!

Travel tip: Please note that hotels, restaurants and other businesses are operating with a skeleton staff however their responsibilities have quadrupled. You should expect limited services, plastic shields and a rigid cleaning routine.


Bosses of the Week

Marcile Sims & Karen Singleton

Synergy Realty Group

Keller Williams Realty Mobile

These dynamic ladies are our Bosses of the Week on social media! Read all about Karen & Marcile on our Meet da' Boss Facebook page by clicking here! There are numerous folks that become real estate agents however there are others who become professionals. Both of these ladies are constantly educating themselves as business pro's in order to serve their clients in the best way possible. Read their story on our website by clicking here.


Have you traveled any since the pandemic began? I have ventured out to Pensacola and Biloxi on day trips over the past couple of weeks. Along the beach things appear relatively "normal" with the exception of folks wearing masks and social distancing practices at some establishments. Staffing is a challenge everywhere.

My recent trip to Baton Rouge was my first overnight stay. I want to share a few things with you that I learned while there. Like many people, I can be a creature of habit. I have favorite hotels in a variety of cities that I tend to book. The DoubleTree in Baton Rouge is one of those. I have gotten to know the staff there and was happy to see some familiar faces on this recent trip.

Here is what I did not know before arriving. Only 25% of the former staff is still working there. Everyone's responsibilities have increased despite the fact that services offered are limited. Managers are stepping in as night auditors in order to keep the place open for you, the traveler. I imagine that this is typical across the country.

My sister spent almost two weeks in Augusta, GA while her husband was hospitalized. She was surprised at the empty shelves that she saw in local grocery stores there. Her hotel experience was pleasant however the services offered were limited. Please don't expect the "made to order" breakfast or warm cookies waiting for you upon arrival.

I urge you to understand that your traveling experience is going to be different. Please pack an abundance of compassion for those attempting to do their job and perhaps 5 other people's jobs too.

Have a wonderful week. ~ Charli



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