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Happy Father's Day, Boss Partner Jessica Zoltek is on "The Move"! Keep Walking and Weekend Events!

My dad, William Bond Smith, Jr.

I was born to be a daddy's girl. After a rough birth, I was rushed to a children's hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. Sadly, no one wanted to hold me in the ambulance because everyone agreed that I would not survive the trip. My dad was reputed to have said, "Give me my baby" and he held me for the hour long ride. This Iwo Jima Marine survivor gave me the strength that I needed to hang on and live. Thus a bond was forged between the two of us. He was my very first love and was in my life for 19 years.

Never doubt the power of daddy loved me into surviving.

In that short period of time he taught me kindness and empathy for others. He was never materially wealthy, however he lived a life filled with love. He truly cared for others and molded his life journey around his family and friends. I experienced unconditional love from him and that energy has given me the fortitude to face the challenges life has presented. I gaze upon this photo of him and can feel his fondness for me.

Years ago I met one of his Marine buddies who happened to be living in Baton Rouge at the time. He told me so many stories about my young dad, who turned 19 on Iwo Jima. My dad was 6'2" and an athlete so he was selected to man a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) and had his own ammo guy. According to this friend, daddy saved so many lives. History buffs will know that 50% of our servicemen gave their lives on that small island. (I am very lucky to be alive)! Daddy rarely talked about his deployment, especially to his daughters. I do know that he grieved for the ones he could not save.

I learned about my dad's heroics long after his death. He was a humble individual who valued others and never sought the lime light. His laugh was infectious and it was so much fun to find ways to make him chuckle.

Every Father's Day I would search out silly gifts that I knew would make him smile. I bought him his first pair of Nike's, blue jean overalls, and a lounge chair for him to recline in and watch me cut the grass. Every year was an adventure to find something outlandish for him. When I was 13 he bought me my own lawn mower because he knew I wanted to work in our yard. That was typical of his sense of humor. He made such a big deal out of getting this "state of the art" mower just for me. I am giggling thinking about all the hours I saved him from sweating in that Louisiana heat.

I want to wish all fathers a very Happy Father's Day and send my daddy a gigantic hug. If he was still on earth, I would absolutely buy him one of those cell phones with big buttons or cargo shorts or some crazy gift that he would be compelled to use. Maybe a "favorite daughter" t-shirt, coffee mug or something like that. The fact of the matter is that he would wear or use anything I got him because he loved me unconditionally. I urge you to go create some fun memories this weekend with your dad! I have a treasure trove with mine!

My dad, with his parents, Bond & Letha Smith, late 1920's.


Jessica Zoltek is "On the Move"!

Jessica Zoltek

Jessica Zoltek has been a boss partner for years and I have watched her grow Healthcare Resource Center Mobile into a thriving supplemental insurance agency. She has helped hundreds of folks turning 65 with their coverage needs. She is moving to a new location on July 1st to better serve her growing clientele base.

Her new office will be located in the AlaCoast Insurance Agency building located at 4430 Government Blvd. She will be occupying a suite of offices at that location.

This is such an exciting time for this young, dedicated entrepreneur. I am delighted that she will be positioned next to another boss partner, Lisa Harkey, founder of AlaCoast Insurance Agency. Congratulations!

Maybe you or a loved one is about to celebrate their 65th birthday. This is the ideal time to reach out to Jessica to learn about options for supplemental insurance coverage. Fortunately, she does not work for one provider so she can research all available in the state of Alabama. This enables her to suggest different plans for individual needs.

Give her a call at 251-751-5434 or email her at to set up a time to meet and go over your choices.

We do not offer all plans available in your area. Any information we do provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact 1-800 Medicare or to get information on all your options.

AlaCoast Insurance Agency Building


Developing the Walking Habit

The benefits to walking are countless and I am determined to keep up this habit. I began seriously walking in May and have continued adding to my daily steps until I reached the magic 10K a day! For me, the rewards have gone beyond the cardio workout. I've made new friends, met neighbors, and soaked up some much needed Vitamin D. Why not start this healthy habit today?


Events on the Coast!

This Saturday is the third one of the month and that means the WEMO Market at Redbar Espresso is happening from 4PM -9PM, weather permitting. Follow their Facebook page by clicking here for updates.

Looking for locally grown? Head to Market in the Park every Saturday until July 8th.

Pet Adoption Event...

There is a pet adoption event this Saturday from 10AM until noon at Pet Supplies Plus at 803 Hillcrest Road. Maybe you could find a "walking buddy" and change a dog's life for the better. The event is sponsored by Hope4Hearts Animal Rescue. Click here for details!


Quote of the Week!

I've never seen a u-haul hooked to a hearse. ~ Alex Ferrari, #1 best-selling author, podcaster, speaker, entrepreneur, & filmmaker @nextlevelsoul on YouTube


Make some memories with your dad this weekend! ~ Charlsie


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16 giu 2023

What a lovely story about your father! Thank you for sharing it.

Mi piace
Charlsie Pecoraro
Charlsie Pecoraro
20 giu 2023
Risposta a

Thank you so much. He was certainly an important character in my life's journey! I was fortunate to be his daughter!

Mi piace
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