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Hello August 2020!

Changing Your Regular Routine!

So how are you doing today? Are you coping with the ever changing "rules" that are being rolled out at a rapid pace? Human beings find comfort in a predictable routine. Co-Vid has turned our daily processes upside down and many are finding the unknown difficult to deal with.

This week I want to challenge you to "work out" your brain! Did you know that adjusting your familiar patterns teaches your brain to handle change? Normally, I start every morning with a strong cup of coffee. I have my mom to thank for my caffeine devotional. She gave me "coffee milk" at the wee age of 5.

Lately, I am starting my day with a cold glass of water before I have my java. This slight change has affected my attitude in a remarkable way.

When you love yourself you do kind things for your body. I know with the long, hot and humid days we are experiencing in the South, my being needs hydration. This move was a simple one, however it has alerted my brain to get out of the rut and expect new things daily.

Taking the time to meditate, pray, practice some form of restorative movement and getting enough sleep are tools that YOU have for dealing with any stress you may be feeling. Make yourself a priority this week! Shout out to my friend Bob Arceneaux, owner of Parish Coffee!


Sleep is So Important!

Did you know that Good Morning Mattress sells Bamboo Sheets? They have made a huge difference in the quality of my rest.

Jimmy, Tina & Carlos are sleep experts and are ready to help you find the perfect mattress, sheets, pillows and more. Visit the Airport Boulevard location in Mobile to experience true customer care!


Comfort Food Cravings!

I enjoy spending time cooking in my kitchen, however there are some days that I crave some good old-fashioned comfort food. The Hickory Pit in Semmes serves up one of the best hamburgers I have ever tasted.

Owner, Brandon Van Hook has put extreme measures in place to keep his beloved staff and his loyal customers safe.


Creative Home Decor!

Are you obsessed with home decor these days, like I am? Fortunately, I have Diane Cashen in my life to guide me away from some costly mistakes!

This design guru has decades of experience under her belt in both commercial and residential style. In fact, she excels at helping you identify your personal preferences.

You personal space should reflect your personality. You will be more productive in your home office if it makes you feel good!

Face to face or virtual appointments are available now! She is practicing the utmost care in keeping her customers safe.

Are you ready to upgrade your living space? Book your appointment with Diane today! Give her a call at 251-545-5688.


Charles McCorquedale

Legal Advice!

Most of us would agree, that we are not litigious by nature, however there are occasions when you need some legal guidance.

Recently I was visiting with one of my neighbors. Her husband had a routine surgery that went badly and now she is facing uncertainty. Fortunately, I was able to give her Charles McCorquedale's contact information.

He is an injury attorney extraordinaire, who is ready to meet with potential clients. Accommodating you is one of the characteristics that sets him apart from other attorneys.

I assured my friend that when she and her husband were ready, Charles would meet them at their home if needed. For folks attempting to recovery from serious injuries or surgery, traveling to an appointment is not a great option. Click here to read more about his practice.


Have a wonderful first week of August! May it be filled with new ideas and actions! ~ Charlsie


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