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Hello to 2020! Setting New Year's Intentions!

Practically everyone I know starts the New Year off with "good intentions". You may go so far as to write down a list of what you want to accomplish. I highly recommend that you do commit your goals to paper; however, I want to issue a challenge. Instead of focusing on 2020 why not look to 2021 and beyond?

Did you know that only 8% of the population actually accomplishes the objectives they set for the year? Long term commitment and long term thinking contribute to the success of those 8% of people who complete their goals. They are looking beyond the next 12 months. They ask themselves questions like "Where will I be in 5 years"?

Consider this real-life example. When J K Rowlings decided to write the Harry Potter series, she took on the task knowing the story covered seven years of his life. She knew that there would be seven books written to tell her character's story. The first novel was written with the end product in mind. This allowed her to write from a place of knowing.

What if you planned your life with a 5 year goal in mind? What if you take the time to imagine where you WANT to be in 5 years? Many people believe that external forces dictate the outcome of their lives. They fail to understand that their attention plays a significant role in how the next years will go. Having a blueprint for your life is just as important as having one for a home you are building. Imagine if your contractor said, "Hey, we really don't need any blueprints. Let's just see how things go without a plan". I wonder what your home would look like in the end?

The top three categories of New Year's Resolutions are: Health, Wealth & Happiness. Let's explore how some of our Meet da' Boss VIP's can help you accomplish some of your goals.


71% of people want to diet or eat healthy in the New Year. If this is one of your resolutions then I suggest you look into the Clean Eatz Meal Plan. Did you know that you can order meals on Thursday for the following week? This is perfect for folks focused on eating clean and healthy for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

The dine-in cafe is one of the best alternatives to "fast food" in Mobile. We are hooked on the build-a-bowl option! Also, there is a grab-n-go wall of freezers waiting for you to select your favorites. 7335 Airport Blvd. (between Cody & Schillinger). 251-654-1575 for more info!

54% of people report that they want to lose weight in 2020. How many of you have tried all sorts of diets and exercise programs only to be disappointed in the results? Marcile Sims is a certified health coach ready to guide you to healthy habits that work.

This plan works and the results are long term. Give her a call at 251- 232-3090 for more information. She practices what she "preaches", having gotten to her goal weight two years ago and has maintained it ever since!

As a personal testimony, I have lost 30 pounds in 98 days. I have never had such awesome results with any other program.

65% of people want to exercise more. Part of a successful fitness routine is proper body alignment. Dr. Chris O'Laire , Chiropractor, along with Philip Nelson, Occupational Therapist are ready to help you meet your goals by minimizing your physical discomfort.

Advanced Spine and Therapy takes a "full body" approach for treatment versus other offices that may only focus on the area of your body that is in pain. Dr. O'Laire is determined to get to the source of your issues. Call 251-679-1995 to schedule an appointment.

Salt & Light Spa offers several treatments that can enhance your mission to feel good, look great and lose weight. Red Light Therapy, Infrared Heat Body Wrap and Hydration Pod are a couple of spa services that will compliment your diet & exercise commitment.

6345 Airport Blvd., Suite Q in Piccadilly Square. Call 251-343-1000 for more information.


32% of people stated that they would like to save more money and spend less. Chris Collins, financial planner, is ready to help you create a plan to make that resolution come true! Helping others develop a strategy to meet their fiscal goals is what he is passionate about.

Give him a call at 251-345-1919 to set up a consultation today. This is a resolution worth keeping in 2020! Imagine where you will be in 5 years if you start your plan now!

Did you know that 16% of people surveyed want to find a new

job this year? Perhaps owning your own business has been a long time goal of yours. Kyle Cornelison, of The Entrepreneur Source can help you determine if "being the boss" is right for you.

Schedule a free consultation with him by calling 205-242-8841. He will guide you through the evaluation process and only make suggestions if they are a good fit for you.

2020 could be the year you go into business for yourself!

Helping you keep more or your hard earned money is what the team at Lindsey & Waldo specialize in. This talented duo of CPA's focuses on how to help their clients navigate the ever changing tax codes and regulations.

To set up a consultation call 251-633-4070.

Insurance is important and having a team of professionals researching your options is crucial for saving money. Lisa Harkey and her staff at Alacoast Insurance are ready to go to work for you.

Their motto is "they can insure everything under the sun". That includes home, auto, business, RV's, boats, recreation vehicles and more. Give her office a call at 251-661-4410 for more information.

Two locations to serve you better! Mobile & Saraland!


Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can't help but smile. I have not met anyone that doesn't want to be happy in 2020! If you are struggling with health or wealth in your daily life, it may be difficult to truly call yourself happy. There are a couple of Meet da' Boss VIP's that specialize in coaching and counseling. Perhaps one of them is just what you are looking for.

Dr. Andy Wood is an Executive Life Coach and co-owner of The Lifevesting Group. He specializes in empowering people. He strives to help people live their life to the fullest in business, finances, health, relationships and/or spirituality.

Everyone could benefit from having a coach to help advise them along the journey we call life. He calls himself "the guide by your side".

To schedule your consultation by phone or face-to-face, give him a call at 806-392-3994.

Perhaps your teenager is struggling with the daily challenges facing our youth these days. Meredith Simmerman, Licensed Professional Counselor, specializes in helping adolescents navigate the tough times. She has extensive training in dealing with addictions, bullying and low self esteem.

She has two office locations to better serve the needs of the Mobile community. Give her a call at 251-414-6220 for more information.

As a parent, it is difficult to be happy when your son or daughter is not. Help your teen get on a positive path in 2020.


Sometimes taking a break from mundane tasks can make a person happy. There are so many services that our Meet da' Boss VIP's offer that can make your life easier.

Check these out:

Home & Office Cleaning - TipTop Kimble's Cleaning Service

Lawn & Landscape - Green Magic Landscape

Pressure Washing - Acme Pressure Washing

Interior Design - Diane Cashen

I want to wish you a very Happy New Year and may all of your Intentions come true!

~ Charlsie


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