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Here's why folks flock to the Alabama Gulf Coast...

All you have to do is jump on Interstate 10 and you will see numerous cars with out-of-state plates, filled with families heading east. Many will end up at Orange Beach or on Dauphin Island for some rest and relaxation. They know that Alabama has plenty of "fun in the sun" activities for kids of all ages.

I've been enjoying Dauphin Island for decades. The slow pace and peacefulness is a great space for a brain reset. If you like bird watching or shelling, this is the island for you. History buffs can visit Fort Gaines or the Indian mounds. Beach goers can sink their toes into the warm sandy beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and gather seashells.

Belligrath Gardens is on the way down to Dauphin Island and is well worth stopping for the tour. I suggest planning to spend half a day enjoying this historic home and incredible gardens. Be certain to visit the Koi pond and enjoy the friendly fish!

dock at Bellingrath Gardens
Belligrath Gardens dock

Orange Beach offers all of the amenities of neighboring Florida beaches. Shopping, nightlife, great food, beautiful beaches and plenty of places to stay make this the destination for many of my Louisiana friends. OWA theme park and The Wharf provide entertainment and shopping for visitors to the area.

Inside the museum
USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Travelers driving east are certain to notice the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park in Mobile Bay. This is the most visited tourist attraction in the state. It is definitely an interesting park filled with historic aircraft, a museum, a bird watching post and a pier for fishing. This is another great detour to take for your next trip to the beach.

Here are 5 reasons folks flock to the Gulf Coast!

  1. Beaches

  2. Seafood

  3. Outdoor activities - boating, skiing, fishing

  4. Family friendly entertainment - USS Alabama, OWA theme park, etc.

  5. Shopping - Fairhope, Foley and The Wharf are all shopping destinations!

Residents along the Gulf Coast can become spoiled to all of the possibilities that the area offers. We take our beaches, historic sites, seafood and shopping for granted. Why not "play tourist" this month and enjoy all that lower Alabama has to savor?


Tax Tips...

With so many people becoming entrepreneurs these days, I wanted to share some words of wisdom from my friend, Richard Lindsey. He is a certified public accountant and is passionate about helping business owners hang on to their hard earned revenue.

Richard Lindsey, CPA

Richard Lindsey's"Real World" Business Strategy Note

A Behind-the-Scenes Look At What Accountants Do For Busy Business Owners

“The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule what's your priority." – Stephen Covey

You might feel too busy to deep-dive into your business financials, unsure of what you’d find there, and even more unsure about what to do with those findings.

Is hiring an accountant actually worth it? Well, a good accountant can provide a few things that you likely can’t — or don’t have time to — do for yourself.

Fix your financial blind spots.

Let’s face it: you’re not a financial expert. And that’s okay. Because 60 percent of other small business owners out there feel they don't have adequate knowledge about finance and accounting, either. 

A good accountant works year-round to decipher complex tax codes and financial reports and translate them into actionable tasks. They'll set up systems to track your cash flow, identify areas where you can tighten your belt (or loosen it strategically), and help you forecast future needs.

  • Should you incorporate? What are the tax implications?

  • What are your options for employee benefits, and how will they impact your bottom line?

  • Are you reporting, paying, and filing your payroll taxes correctly?

An accountant for your small business will help you be proactive instead of reactive.

Make data-driven decisions for a change.

It’s one thing to have financial reports. But do you know how to interpret and act on them? We've talked about how accountants can identify financial trends, so here are some examples of actionable decisions for your small business: 

  • Are you unknowingly paying for subscriptions you don't use? 

  • Is there a more cost-effective way to manage your inventory? 

  • Should you make that equipment investment now or later?

  • Are there opportunities to expand profit margins in certain areas?

  • Is your pricing competitive and also providing enough profit margin?

A small business accountant can analyze your spending and suggest areas for optimization. That kind of data-driven approach to your finances allows you to make strategic business decisions with way more confidence.

Future-proof your business.

A good accountant for your small business is a strategic partner who can help you develop a clear financial roadmap. They can work with you to set realistic goals and track your progress towards achieving those goals. 

  • Plan for future growth: Thinking about hiring new employees or expanding to a new location? An accountant can help you forecast your cash flow needs and create a financial plan.

  • Optimize your pricing strategy: Are you leaving money on the table by undercharging? Or are you scaring away customers with inflated prices? An accountant can help you find the sweet spot that maximizes your profit margin.

  • Get help preparing for your next opportunity: A good accountant can help you prepare financial statements and projections that lenders look for, making your small business loan application more attractive. They can also advise you on different financing options and help you choose the one that best suits your business needs.

Lindsey & Waldo



New Name, Same Stellar Service...

Zoltek Healthcare Services
Jessica Zoltek, licensed insurance agent

Jessica Zoltek has garnered a great reputation for helping seniors navigate the confusing options for Medicare Supplemental insurance. She has recently changed the name of her business from Healthcare Resource Center Mobile to Zoltek Healthcare Services. She is offering the same excellent service her clients have grown to admire. She can be reached at 251-751-5434 or visit her website at


What's cooking on YouTube?

Watch this video and learn how to make delicious Twice Baked Russet Potatos in your own kitchen. This one is simple, delicious and a great side dish. Click here to watch!

These Vanilla Cookies melt in your mouth. They are simple to bake and I've made them a few times since discovering this recipe. Baking tip: definitely use your smaller cookie scoop (1 TBP) for these. They tend to spread out on the baking sheet! Click here to watch.

Do you want to learn how I "dress up" Canned Baked Beans? Click here to find out what secret ingredients I add for this family favorite. This is a great one to take to your next gathering!

This is one of my favorite recent recipe discoveries. It is a wonderful way to use fresh strawberries while they are in season. Strawberry Spoon Cake is meant to be served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! Enjoy this easy to make recipe! Click here to watch. Shout out to Ann at Red Stick Spice Company in Baton Rouge for this one!


Local Happenings...

Something for the gardeners...

For country music fans...

Father's Day is June 16th...

If you are fortunate enough to have your dad around please be sure to celebrate Father's Day. My father, William Bond Smith, made his exit when I was only 19 and he was 55. As a daddy's girl, that has left a big hole in my heart however I do feel his soul swirling around me all of the time.

I always tried to gift him with something he would never buy for himself. I got him a pair of Nike's long before they became the shoe everyone had to have. I bought him a pair of bluejeans; something he had not worn since his childhood.

My goal was to make him laugh and I always managed to do just that! Make some joyful memories this month with your dad!


Have a wonderful June! ~ Charlsie Pecoraro


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