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Holidays are Coming...Here are Ways to Deal with the Stress of the Season!


When people hear the word "stress" they automatically think it has to be something negative. Stress is a strong feeling of emotion. Sometimes it can be something great like family visiting for the holidays or putting the last decorating touches on your tree.

We could all use some help and support during the season, so let's explore some of your options in Mobile, Alabama!


Did you know that Diane Cashen, Interior Designer also does holiday decorating? If you are planning an event in your home, she can help. Hosting guests can be very "stressful" and finding ways to minimize the crunch that goes along with giving parties is important.

You'll love that fact that she enjoys working with your existing decorations and perhaps adding a bauble or two to capture the current year's trends.

To contact Diane, give her a call at 545-5688 to check her availability. She enjoys helping her clients get ready for the holiday season!


Getting your home ready for the holidays is what Kendra Scott and her team at Tip Top Kimble's Cleaning can do. They specialize in both residential and commercial projects. So whether you are entertaining at home or at the office, she has got you covered.

Did you know that she offers a one-time deep clean? Her "magical" staff will transform your home or office into a sparkling, party-ready venue for the holidays!

Again this is a wonderful "gift" to give yourself before the holiday rush.

Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world and do great things. It should welcome us back like an old friend.

Call 643-6250 for more information!


I remember spending hours upon hours preparing holiday meals for my family. Many of us don't have the time these days to shop, prep & cook. There are many local restaurants that can help.

The Hickory Pit in Semmes does catering. They specialize in southern comfort food which is ideal for your family get together. Smoked meats, great sides and more are available in family sizes to minimize your time in the kitchen. Give them a call at 645-3805 for more information.

The Cheese Cottage will build a charcuterie board for you on your own board! Just give Kristi a ring at 308-8488 for more information. Their work is beautiful and can serve as your centerpiece! Kristi is offering a class on how to build the perfect cheese board on November 10th. Click here for more information.

What's a gathering without a little vino? Brooke Goff at Domke Market is a master at pairing the right wines with the food you are serving. Have you ever stood in front of a huge wine display, overwhelmed? Take the stress out of trying to guess what will work and stop by Brooke's place for some guidance. She is located at 720 Schillinger Road South, near Panera Bread.

Clean Eatz can do some healthy catering for family members with special dietary needs. Owner, Bobby Howell would love to make your life simpler for the holidays. Give him a call a 654-1575 or stop by the Airport Blvd. cafe.

I know that pizza is not a traditional holiday dish, however when you explore the menu at Joe's Pizza & Pasta, you'll find many pasta dishes to pick from! Since I am married to a Sicilian, having pasta to celebrate family and friends is our "normal" at home! Visit the West Mobile location at 9120 Airport Blvd, across from Baker High School.


I'd like to introduce you to the latest addition to Meet da'Boss! Acme Pressure Washing is an incredible company owned by Daniel Lopez & Jeff Yoe. They are introducing an innovative system of cleaning & sanitizing to the Gulf Coast Region.

You'll be able to read more about their company on later this month! Meanwhile, you can contact them at 257-7707.

Getting your sidewalks, driveways and home freshened up for the holidays is another way to take some stress out of your life! We've focused on cleaning & decorating the inside, so it is time to give the outside it's due! You are not going to believe the quality of their work and the time you'll regain not doing it yourself!


I certainly hope these suggestions help take some of the load off of getting ready for the holidays! Always take some time for yourself and remember to slow down and enjoy the time you have with your family! Enjoy this week! ~ Charlsie


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