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Jessica Zoltek, Healthcare Resource Center, USS Alabama, New on YouTube & Book of the Week!

Jessica Zoltek, Healthcare Resource Center

Open enrollment season for Medicare supplemental insurance is happening now! You can make changes in your current plan until March 31, 2023. Jessica Zoltek with Healthcare Resource Center is ready to help you navigate all of your options. She absolutely loves phone calls and can be reached at 251-751-5434.

I've been working with Jessica for years and have watched her take care of so many friends. She truly listens to her clients' needs and will help find supplemental insurance coverage that will work for their individual situation. Remember if you are celebrating your 65th birthday soon, it is the ideal time to meet with her.

Watch this short video to learn more about the enrollment period by clicking here.

From Healthcare Resource Center:

We do not offer all plans available in your area. Any information we do provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact 1-800 Medicare or to get information on all your options.


Local Attraction: USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Anyone traveling on I-10 East encounters one of the top local attractions along the Gulf Coast. The USS Alabama has been entertaining & educating visitors for for nearly five decades. The park opened on January 9, 1965.

I was fortunate to tour the battleship memorial in the fall of 2022 during one of the reenactment days! Visitors can watch as dozens of volunteers play various roles aboard the ship. I'll post the schedule for the Living History Crew Dates for 2023 below!

Admission rates can be found by clicking here.

I wanted to wish Rhonda Davis, Director of Sales & Marketing the very best in her retirement. She has served the Battleship Memorial Park for eight years and brought incredible changes to the department. She coordinated and produced over 2000 events. (Wow) She worked tirelessly to build the park's social media presence, developed a new website and launched a new advertising campaign that increased global brand awareness. I had the pleasure of meeting her during my Visit Mobile Ambassador training. I was very impressed with her level of professionalism and knowledge. She will be missed!

As promised, here is the schedule:


Visit Mobile Ambassador Program

Speaking of the Ambassador Program, a new "class" will be offered this spring. Reach out to Allison Floyd by emailing her if you are interested.

I highly recommend everyone signing up to learn more about the Port City. It was very enlightening to visit the most popular attractions along with some lesser know locations. The entire program lasts six weeks with three all day, in-person sessions. There is a modest fee however you will receive a visitor's pass for countless properties.

Grab a friend or family member and sign up today! You'll meet so many fellow residents and learn so much about the history of our city.


What's New on YouTube?

This Sunday's Soup for the Soul is Italian Wedding Soup. It's all about the marriage of flavors in this traditional offering. Click here to watch and please subscribe to my channel! Subscriptions are free and they help my presence online grow!

We are working on a couple of new content ideas for the channel so stay tuned! Here's one that I know you'll love...

I am meeting with interior designer, Diane Cashen later this month. She is at market this week and will be sharing what's on trend for your home and office for 2023. I can't wait to share this one with you! She did give me a hint: balance and calm! Her slogan is rooms you love to be in, let's begin!


In the Book Corner!

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis is an easy & enjoyable and MOTIVATING book for female entrepreneurs. Her honest and raw approach to focusing on your goals was fresh and inspiring for the New Year! I've been reading a chapter per day and just finished this best seller!

Goals are just dreams with work boots on! ~ Rachel Hollis

She has a novel approach to achieving her intentions and shows her readers how to work backwards. You have to know where your finish line is before you can map out a plan. Definitely worth reading!


Let's all welcome REDBAR Espresso & Market to MDB!

I am really excited about welcoming Dr. Mike & Jennifer Bucknell to the Meet da' Boss platform. I've been enjoying REDBAR Espresso's coffee and restaurant for awhile and can vouch for the excellent quality. Recently, they moved into their dream location on Old Shell Road! Stay tuned, for I'll be sharing more about the new property and of course, answering your questions about the "red boat" out front! Until then, I encourage you to stop by with friends and family!

Not long ago, I tried the Apple Pie Crumpet with a side of Fried Potatoes Au Gratin accompanied by my regular Cafe au Lait! Goodness, this was a delicious and filling breakfast. I ended up taking half of it home with me!

REDBAR is located at 7681 Old Shell Road in West Mobile. You can dine indoors or out and WiFi is available. Open Monday - Thursday from 7AM-PM, Friday 7AM-5PM, Closed on Saturday, and open for Sunday Brunch 8AM-7PM! Insider tip: This is a great location for business meetings!


So we are approaching the end of our second week of the year 2023. This is the time that many folks quit their New Year's resolutions. I encourage you to keep with your new intentions. There is a Sanskrit word for the quandary that many of us struggle with. Samsara means the habitual continuation of negative or destructive behavior. Learning to dismiss a samsara is a powerful tool and will lead to a long term life change. Remember your thoughts about something are very powerful and can lead to great success. Have a wonderful week! ~ Charlsie



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