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Keystone Habits

A keystone refers to a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together. If you are like me, you probably look at your daily life and think something like:

...I should exercise more...

...I should eat more vegetables...

...I should journal every day...

...I should _______________(fill in the blank)...

The funny thing is that all you really need to do is pick one thing, commit to it and just do it. Let's say you want to exercise more. So tomorrow take a ten minute walk and then do it again the next day and so forth. Before you know it, walking is the first keystone habit you have set. After repeated success, you will find that adding another goal will be easy.

Lot's of folks say that if you just had more "willpower" you could make your first million, lose weight, write your first book, etc. Success has nothing to do with willpower, it has everything to do with confidence in yourself. Believing in YOU begins with small victories and the fastest path is through mastering just one keystone habit.

Kick "willpower" out of the equation and decide that you are going to do whatever it is that you want your keystone habit to be. Removing the "choice" leaves no room for debate. These two doggies know that they are going to be walked around the neighborhood...even in the rain... every day. It is a keystone habit at our house! (Trust me they will bark their heads off until I get my tennis shoes on and take them out).

Maybe you are trying to break a "bad" habit and replace it with a keystone one. Have a planned response ready to go when you get a craving to indulge. Knowing how you are going to react to temptation takes all the willpower out of your choice because you have already decided what you are going to do. I can hardly wait to hear what new things you are going to add to your daily life!

Do you want to read more? Check out This Morning Routine will Save you 20+ Hours a Week!


This week Mobile's Nappie Awards were revealed and we are so pleased that Domke Market was recognized again this year! Brooke Goff and her team have created such a welcoming environment at her wine bar & gourmet shop in West Mobile. Congratulations to Brooke and all of the other winners!

If you've never visited her place I'd encourage you to stop in for glass of wine. You are going to love it!


This little cutie pie was in the Bellissimo Concepts studio this week! Al and his team had a great time working with Kylee!

Bellissimo Concepts Photography specializes in creating a unique story for every client. No two sessions are ever the same. Booking now for 2020 graduation sessions!

To learn more visit, the official photographer for meet da' boss.


We'd like to give a very warm welcome to Sign Medics and owners Shanna & Randall Miller. Like many things, we "assume" that some big out-of -town company is hanging the signposts for local and regional businesses.

I'm pleased to tell you that many of the logos that you see all over Mobile, lower Alabama & Mississippi have been built and installed by this couple from Semmes, Alabama. They are exactly the type of local entrepreneurs that meet da' boss loves to work with! You'll be able to read their interesting story soon on the website. Meanwhile follow them on Facebook by clicking here.


Things to do this week in Mobile, Alabama!

Monday, July 29th - Summer Wine Soirée: Pinot Party! at Domke Market, click here for info!

Tuesday, July 30th - Business Breakfast Club weekly meeting. Click here for info!

Wednesday, July 31st - All You Can Play 4 Attractions at Lazer Zone! Click here for info!

Thursday, August 1st - Southern Masters at Mobile Museum of Art - Click here for info!

Friday, August 2nd - Jazz at Laidlaw with NOLA native DELFEAYO MARSALIS - info

Saturday, August 3rd - Kid's Studio at Alabama Contemporary Art Center - Click here!

Sunday, August 4th - August Brunch On The Patio at The Cheese Cottage, click here!


The last days of summer vacation are here with many of our local children heading back to school soon. Enjoy those lazy days while you can, because before you know it they will be grown and gone with children of their own! ~Charlsie


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