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Let's Celebrate Women in Business! What's New on YouTube, & Local Happenings this Week!

March is the month that we celebrate the many accomplishments of women; past, present and future. In this week's blog I'd like to put the spotlight on some of the female entrepreneurs that I partner with on the Gulf Coast. Some of these ladies have taken incredible leaps of faith to become successful business owners. As an entrepreneur, I know firsthand the obstacles women face in the market. Hat's off to all of these ladies for following their dreams!

Camille Wilkinson

Camille Wilkinson
Camille Wilkinson, the mortgage magician!

I spent a couple of hours with Camille Wilkinson this week! I left her office feeling so optimistic for people shopping for a home loan. I know that inflation is affecting everyone, however she has solutions. Granted, interest rates are high right now, yet there are people who want to buy homes. Folks who are new to our area, need a place to live.

Camille's decades of experience benefits her clients. She is a "magician" at finding ways to solve financing challenges. She shared that even though interest rates are high, in most cases, it is cheaper to buy a home versus leasing one. She encourages her clients to plan on refinancing once the interest rates drop. Developing a strategic plan for customers is one of her talents.

If you are shopping for a home loan, reach out to Camille by calling her office at 251-378-9359. Read more at

Did you know that Camille has more than a dozen grandchildren (she looks way too young) and she is a very talented baker? Her cakes have graced the table at many events across the south. She told me that she transported one of creations to my former hometown, Greenville, South Carolina. Imagine taking a multi-level wedding cake for an eight hour drive! Well, she did it and her family member was thrilled! She truly is a magician!

Diane Cashen

Diane Cashen
Diane Cashen, Interior Designer

Diane Cashen has been helping home owners and business clients create spaces that they love to be in. As a professional interior designer, she strives to develop a design that reflects her client's personal style AND meets the functional needs of the space. This multi-talented lady is an artist, graphic designer, wife and mother. She finds time to volunteer in the community and participates in several business organizations.

The pandemic caused many to re-evaluate their personal homes and plenty have called on Diane to help them devise a workable home office area. The demand for her services has picked up exponentially and she has a wait-list for future projects. She adores designing spaces that please her clients and add to the value of their home or office. She'd love to hear from you and prefers text messaging. Reach out to her at 251-545-5688. Read more about her by clicking here.

Jessica Zoltek

Jessica Zoltek
Jessica Zoltek of Healthcare Resource Center

For the past four years, Jessica Zoltek has been helping seniors in our community navigate the many choices for Medicare Supplemental insurance. I have witnessed her uncovering huge savings for friends of mine. She is passionate about finding the best options for individuals and continues to offer her support after enrollment. It is rare to find an individual who absolutely loves what she does, however that is exactly who Jessica is.

Jessica is a wife and mother of two boys. She is a master of managing her time between the needs of her clients and the dedication she has to her family. Being involved in the business community as well as her children's activities keep her on the go.

If you are turning 65 soon or have questions about your current coverage reach out to her by calling 251-751-5434. Read more about her company, Healthcare Resource Center Mobile by clicking here.

We do not offer all plans available in your area. Any information we do provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact 1-800 Medicare or to get information on all your options.

Rebecca Dixon

Rebecca Dixon
Rebecca Dixon, owner of Apollo's Paws

Rebecca Dixon, founder and owner of Apollo's Paws Pet Grooming Spa is a favorite around our house. She keeps my "boys", Marcello and Lil Jack looking dapper. I have watched her business grow to the point that she has added additional groomers and more staff just to manage the interest in her services.

She is one of the entrepreneurs that took a huge leap into business ownership three years ago. Her clients were loyal and supported her endeavor. Word has gotten out and her grooming salon is expanding. Dogs, cats, birds and exotics are all welcome at Apollo's Paws! I am delighted to be working with someone so courageous and successful! There are many occasions when her daughter, Elizabeth accompanies her to work and "loves" on all the fur-kids. What a great role model she is for her child and other young people in our community. Thanks, Rebecca for all that you do!

To learn more about her pet spa visit her website at

Lisa Harkey

Lisa Harkey
Lisa Harkey, founder of AlaCoast Insurance Agency

Ten years ago Lisa Harkey took a chance on herself and opened up her own insurance agency. AlaCoast Insurance Agency began with zero clients and a dream. Lisa has built her business at a steady pace adding a second location in Saraland several years ago. Insuring everything under the sun is her company motto. She provides home, auto, boat, RV, business insurance and more. I have sent numerous customers to her and everyone raves about the great service she and her staff provide.

This mother of two and new grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter, loves to travel. She has become extremely adept at working from anywhere in the world! Assembling and training a professional home team assures her that all will be taken care of when she is out of the office.

If you are shopping for a new insurance agency, Lisa would love to earn your business. Give her office a call at 251-661-4410 for more information. Read about AlaCoast at

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary and wishing you another decade of incredible success!

Paula Waldo

Paula Waldo
Paula Waldo of Lindsey & Waldo CPA

When you think of accountants you probably think of stuffy number's geeks with no sense of humor. That is not the case with Paula Waldo of Lindsey & Waldo located in Mobile. Every time I visit her office, it is filled with laughter. Paula has been a business partner with Richard Lindsey for 9 years. She brings a sense of calmness to her clients, even when they arrive with a shoebox filled with receipts.

Part of that confidence can be attributed to the time she dedicates to continual education. Richard and Paula spend countless hours reading the new tax changes every year to better serve their clients. I have sent numerous business owners to their office for assistance. Everyone appreciates the "know how" that is indicative of this firm.

Paula is both a wife and mother. She and her husband, Mike Waldo (Mobile Marble Company) escape on vacation soon after tax season wraps up. Family travel is important to this dedicated business woman. She knows that finding a work/life balance is key to maintaining her happy demeanor.

She is in the midst of tax season right now, however the firm is always available to speak with new clients. Kristen Davis, office manager, will be delighted to assist you. Call the office at 251-633-4070. Read more about Lindsey & Waldo by clicking here.

Michelle Tice

Michelle Tice
Michelle Tice, Financial Representative at Strategic Wealth Specialists

Driven would be the word that I would use to describe Michelle Tice, financial representative at Strategic Wealth Specialists. This mother of 6, yes I said 6 is active in her children's lives along with building her career in the financial sector. She is passionate about helping others plan for financial freedom and Strategic Wealth Specialists provide her with excellent tools.

It is amazing that she carves out time to lead a networking chapter, serves on several boards, and gives back to the community. In addition to her "work life" she is deeply involved in her children's activities. Two of her children were adopted from Ukraine and the turmoil in their native country has affected her immensely. She has worked tirelessly to offer aid and relief to the war stricken land.

It has been an honor to partner with her and she is an inspiration to all that meet her. If you would like to schedule a consultation give her office a call at 251-472-4400. Thank you, Michelle for all that you do for the world.


In the Book Corner: Game Changers by Dave Asprey

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you probably figured out that I read a great deal of nonfiction. My latest discovery is a fantastic book by bestselling author, Dave Asprey. Game Changers is a collection of What Leaders, Innovators and Mavericks Do to Win at Life. This book strives to answer the question, "How can you perform better at everything you do in life"? This book is based on statistical analysis that Dave did on 450 game changer individuals. He divided the results into three categories. The first is how to become smarter, the second is how to become faster, and the third is how to become happier.

Dave is a "hacker" to the core and wanted to uncover shortcuts in all three categories. This science based book is filled with countless "hacks" that will help you navigate life more effectively. It offers actionable advice that will garner immediate rewards. It has been a beneficial read and I highly recommend it. Available on

Dave Asprey is know as the "father of biohacking" and is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, public speaker and lifestyle guru.


What's New on YouTube?

PF Chang's restaurant made lettuce wraps a popular appetizer. It wasn't long before people began ordering it as a meal and then learned to make them at home. In this short video, I'll show you how to make delicious Turkey Lettuce Wraps in under 15 minutes. The sauce is what really makes this handheld into something special. I serve this for lunch when I have friends stop by. It is less than 200 calories per serving and yummy! Enjoy and please subscribe to my channel. Click here to watch.

Most Popular Videos this Week!

Here are a couple of videos that folks are loving, so I thought I'd share them here. Both of them are very simple to make using ingredients you probably have on hand. More and more people are gathering in their kitchens, cooking for their family or friends. I am attempting to take some of the mystery out of making delicious food! It is one of my favorite pastimes!

Once you make this you will never buy Chicken Noodle Soup in a can again! Click here to watch!

Pound cakes are quintessential Southern desserts and Paula Deen's recipe has NEVER failed me. Come cook along with me and make this scrumptious cake. Click here to watch!


Local Happenings this Week!

This exhibit will be in Mobile for another month so be sure and visit the History Museum of Mobile if you are a Downton Abbey fan! Click here for more details.

The Mobile Parks and Recreation is offering Movies in the Park beginning on March 23rd. Click here for details.

LODA Artwalk is tonight, Friday March 10th. Grab a friend and head downtown to take in all of the sites! Grab a bite to eat at one of the many locally owned restaurants.


By the time you read this I'll be having coffee with other female entrepreneurs at REDBAR Espresso. We get together once a month to network and offer one another support. If you would like to join us just message me and I'll add you to the invite.

Last week I told you that big changes were in the works for REDBAR. (Drum roll please) New hours begin today with the restaurant and bar staying open on Friday nights AND open all day on Saturday. Guess what? There is going to be a "pop up" menu offered every Friday night and all day on Saturdays. I hear there is an incredible burger combo at a new lower price!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend and a productive week. I've got more photo sessions, business meetings and some family fun planned. Remember to keep some balance in your life! ~ Charlsie

“Technique and ability alone do not get you to the top; it is the willpower that is most important.” – Junko Tabei, first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest

I wanted to share a video I watched recently on YouTube. This is an interview that Oprah did with JK Rowling, the only author on the planet who sold 400 million books and has become a book billionaire.

The Harry Potter series has broken publishing records around the world. I think you will enjoy the honesty and cleverness of the author. Click here to watch.



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