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Live Your Best Life

Wisdom often is delivered to us through the mouths of babe's. Last Wednesday I dined at a local Baton Rouge restaurant with my daughter and granddaughter. The outside patio was packed with folks enjoying the fresh air and good food. There were a couple of well-behaved doggies stretched out on the warm cement. The phrase "social distancing" was not in our vocabulary at that time. My how things changed in less than 48 hours.

The topic of conversation drifted to the coronavirus and the precautions we were putting into practice. My daughter commented that she would keep doing the things I had taught her, like washing her hands, covering her mouth when she coughs, getting some fresh air daily, etc. She has never liked big crowds so staying out of populated places is normal for her.

I mentioned that parades were being cancelled and school might close for a few weeks. She is a self-proclaimed "home-body" so not having to go out is really not torture for her. My seven year old granddaughter has a much more social agenda and limiting her time with friends was not anything she was looking forward to. In spite of the possibility of her normal routine changing she professed that she was going to "live her best life".

I sat back against the booth and smiled. The brilliance of that one little statement was so profound. Truly all we can do everyday is be dedicated to living our best life. As a person who always searches for the good in any scenario, I surmised that our planet is certainly going to be much cleaner this week. People are going to be spending much more time with their families too. I see a positive shift in humanity as we are reminded just how quickly things can change.

I am excited about seeing how people are committed to supporting local business. We ventured out on Sunday morning to a family owned produce stand and loaded up on veggies. The owner kept thanking me for stopping by and assured me that she was bringing in more fruits & vegetables that afternoon. The grocery stores shelves may be sparse but her stand was full of everything from eggs to fresh green beans. I encourage everyone to look for resources from local businesses. You may be pleasantly surprised at the abundance that is out there when you look for it! Remember that these privately owned places are the heartbeat of your community.


Local Business Owners are Ready to Help!

Ellen Pino, owner of Avant Tous Nail Bar & Spa is a loving mother of three daughters. She has already jumped into action to help her "mom" clients manage their children and enjoy some spa time. Starting next week, she will have a “Kid Station” at her locations so they can watch a TV / Netflix show to help entertain them. (Baton Rouge)

Insider tip: Check out the membership packages for great savings!

Bobby Howell, owner of Clean Eatz in Mobile is keeping the "grab-n-go" freezers stocked with healthy meals for those who don't want to venture into a crowded supermarket. The staff is taking extra precautions to ensure a great experience at the cafe.

Insider tip: Check out meal prep options every Thursday by signing up for their weekly email.

Ron Finch, owner of Enviro-Master of Mobile is working "round the clock" to keep public facilities virus free. Read all about this company's services at

Insider tip: Look for the Enviro-Master sticker in public restrooms!

TipTop Kimble's Cleaning Services is ready to disinfect your home or office. This full service cleaning company is owned and operated by Kendra Snowden. Give her a call at 251-643-6250 to schedule a deep clean for your castle.

Insider tip: This company has never had a bad review!

Daniel Lopez & Jeff Yoe, owners of Acme Pressure Washing are ready to sanitize your home or business's outdoor space. They serve both Mobile & Baldwin Counties. Their state-of-the-art equipment uses heat instead of harsh chemicals, making it the safer alternative for your family and pets.

Insider tip: Ask about having your work sealed.

Salt & Light Spa has some great membership options this month. Their Halotherapy service can help with sinus pressure. Owner, Lesley Senne, is dedicated to having a clean, welcoming environment for her clientele to relax in. (Mobile & Fairhope locations)

Insider tip: Try the Aqua Hydration Pod!

Sydney Loper, owner of Play Cafe Mobile is offering 10 different DIY projects for play at home! These Take Home Play Kits are available for delivery! Another great option is Private Play groups for the littles under 5. If you and your friends want to get together with your children, to break up the cabin fever, this is a safe environment. Check out her Facebook page for more ideas!

Insider tip: Sydney is offering some evening play times!

Hats off to Dulari & Gary Smith for offering their venue, Loblolly Farm, for local churches to use this week for Sunday services. Their love of people shines through in the things that they do!


We'll bring back Boss of the Week next week! Meanwhile, we want to acknowledge two new meet da'boss sites that have gone live!

Go check them out!

Are you planning future travel and wondering how this virus will affect you? Meet my friend and travel guru, Adrienne Tate. As the owner of Unique Destinations, she is dealing with rescheduling trips and managing things for her clients.

This situation is one of the top reasons for booking future travel with her. Adrienne is the person that will deal with the headaches of cancellations/reschedules on your behalf.

Check out her site at

Back on the Rack in Fairhope, Alabama is an upscale resale boutique located in picturesque downtown. Owner, Kassie Gundlach offers incredible deals on designer merchandise. Customers are delighted with her collection of accessories, handbags, shoes and clothing. She has something for everyone! Be sure to follow her on Facebook to see the latests finds!

Monday thru Friday 10AM-5:30PM

Saturday 10AM-4PM

Read all about her at!

Pictured to the left are staff members Tara Miller & Hannah Knapp!


Due to the countless cancellations of events, I won't be listing anything that is upcoming for this week. If you had plans to attend something, be sure to call or google it to make certain it is still on the calendar.

Meanwhile, remember the basic lessons your parents taught you

  • Wash your hands with warm water & soap

  • Stay home if you are running fever or feel bad

  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze & cough

  • Check on your elderly friends and family

  • Eat healthy and drink water

  • Go outside and get some fresh air every day

We will get through this "planet reset" and come out stronger than before. As little Sydney said at dinner, "live your best life"! ~ Charlsie


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