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Looking Good & Feeling Great in Mobile, Alabama

Recently I have noticed that many men & woman are focusing on a healthy life balance. They are not waiting for the New Year to roll around to incorporate beneficial habits. Eating wholesome food, exercising, getting outdoors, managing stress and getting enough rest are keys to feeling good. Let's explore some of the opportunities that Mobile, Alabama offers for a healthy lifestyle.


I would characterize myself as a chronic insomniac so anything that I can do to facilitate a good night's sleep is important to me. Just over a month ago I purchased Bamboo Sheets from Good Morning Mattress on Airport Blvd. I had seen them at a specialty store in Destin, however the pricing seemed a bit too high. Fortunately that is not the case at GMM.

Wow, what a difference these linens have made in comfort and coolness at night. I am "spoiled" to the luxurious feeling bamboo sheets deliver. Stop by this friendly, no pressure showroom and check out their selection of sheet colors. The best part is the price...I saved $100, yes that is right, one hundred dollars on my King sized sheets. Tina, James (pictured) and Carlos are sleep experts. You'll find a variety of pillows, mattress toppers and of course wonderful mattresses if you are in the market for a new set. They are located at 6153 Airport Blvd, in West Mobile. Give them a call at 344-9494!


If you follow meet da'boss on social media, you know that I am a big fan of Halotherapy. Leslie Senne, owner of Salt & Light Spa was the first facility in Mobile, Alabama to offer a therapeutic salt room.

Personally, I find a 20 minute session once or twice a week gives me complete relief from sinus pressure. Fall has arrived and I tend to get congested. Halotherapy has taken the place of daily "nettie pot" sessions at my house!

Salt & Light Spa is located just around the corner from Good Morning Mattress, in Piccadilly Square. (6345 Airport Blvd, Suite Q)

If you have questions or you would like to schedule your first session, call 343-1000 for more information.

Lesley would love to tour you around her spa and show you the different services she offers. Halotherapy is just one of the unique options available at Salt & Light. In fact, there is a new hydration pod that I can hardly wait to experience!


After a morning of shopping and spa therapy, its time to eat! One of my favorites in West Mobile is Clean Eatz. If you are minimizing sugar in your life, this is a "go-to" place for dining out.

I love the 'build a bowl" option that owner, Bobby Howell, offers to his customers in the cafe. You pick your ingredients and they cook it fresh for you.

In addition to the cafe, Clean Eatz offers a meal prep plan that can be customized for you specific dietary needs. There is a grab-n-go freezer that houses plenty of great options too.

They are located at 7335 Airport Blvd. Want to know more? Give them a call at 654-1575.


Did you know that up to 75% of the population in the United States reports suffering from neck pain? Think about that...3 out of 4 people you encounter may have a stiff or painful neck.

Dr. Chris O'Laire, chiropractor and owner of Advanced Spine & Therapy, would like to help. His practice focuses on your overall health and wellness. Part of their services include occupational therapeutic massage by Phillip Nelson, OT. Dr. O'Laire finds that working with an occupational therapist enhances the outcome for his patients.

The goal of his practice is to offer the best chiropractic experience in the area. To schedule an appointment call 679-1995.

My husband is a big believer in chiropractic care and is looking forward to his first session with the team at Advanced Spine & Therapy. I'll fill you in next week on his experience!


Ladies this little segment is just for you, so fellows you can keep scrolling! Most of you remember the excitement when you finally got your very first bra. Decades later, I have a love-hate relationship with that particular garment.

I've been to several exclusive boutiques in Atlanta and New Orleans for the personal fitting services. Proper fitting can really enhance the comfort; however, by the end of the day, most of us can't wait to take them off.

Recently, I discovered Melissa Bush and Ruby Ribbon! We met over coffee one morning and she had a bag of goodies to show me! She said that her cami could take the place of my bra while offering great support for "the girls" as well as upper back relief. She stopped by my home for a personal fitting and after "stepping into" the cami and pulling it on, I understood what she was talking about. This is shape wear that is actually very comfortable to wear.

Do yourself a favor and give her a call at 591-9763 for your personal shopping experience!


Many women are enamored with eye shadows, lipsticks and blush however if your skin is not healthy, you won't look your best. Meet Ashley Scarbrough, a skin care and color consultant who can help you find the right products for your face type.

Creating a consistent skin care regime is easy under the guidance of this experienced lady. She is a master at determining what cleansers, moisturizers and toners you should use. In her career, she had worked with thousands of women!

To schedule a free consultation, give her a call at 229-395-8487. She is ready to help you have the healthiest skin possible! She'll also show you the latest in fall color trends if you are interested!


You can hardly drive down a street in Mobile without encountering a shop selling CBD oil. It has gotten downright confusing. Let me introduce you to Southern Coast CBD and owner, Tom Beaudry.

Tom started out as a customer; however he quickly realized the that CBD oil was making an unbelievable difference in his personal health. To hear him tell it, getting out of bed every morning was a struggle. His joints were stiff and the pain he felt daily was debilitating.

He researched the Hempworx brand and was excited to learn that it was one of only 13 companies approved, out of 2500 that applied, to be granted an organic certification. Tom and I met recently at Domke Market and he showed me the difference in the labels of the Hempworx brand versus many others flooding the area. So what makes this company unique? The purity and lack of fillers. I've been using the 500mg cinnamon flavored oil for several weeks now. The only way I know how to describe it's affect on me is that my joints feel "greased" now. Do you want to know more? Give my friend, Tom Beaudry a call at 367-0575!


Next week we'll continue with part 2 of living your best life in Mobile, Alabama. I'll recommend some neat places to get outside and enjoy the fall weather. I'll also introduce you to some folks that can help you manage stress in your life!

Until next Monday, have a wonderful week! ~ Charlsie


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