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Memorial Day 2020

Many of us equate Memorial Day Weekend as a time to head to the beach or host a big family gathering at home. This year, plans have been altered and finding ways to honor fallen soldiers has taken on new meaning.

The red poppy is the symbol that many wear in commemoration for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. If you would like to read more about the history of this national holiday click here.

I am staying home and firing up the grill this evening. I will take a break at 3:00PM to pause and remember. My dad was an Iwo Jima Marine and he lost so many friends on that island. Most of them were under the age of 20, so life had just begun for them. Join me in honoring those men and women who died for our safety and security.


How has Your Outlook on Business Changed?

Co-Vid has affected the way that we spend our days, spend our money and how we view needs versus wants. Suddenly things that used to matter so much seem trivial. I know that I am more discerning about where I spend money. As the owner of a company that is built upon supporting locals, I view my money spent as an energy exchange. I challenge everyone to pause and think about what that means. Sometimes I purchase things because of a need, such as food. Other times I buy because of the way it makes me feel. Many times I invest in people by subscribing to a monthly membership or purchasing their product.

I am looking for integrity in the people that I choose to do business with. I am also looking for the human connection. People are starving for meaningful engagement. Every transaction from this day forward should be fulfilling.

I am a big fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer and have started a book he wrote called Happiness is the Way. He wrote something that really hit home with me. He talks about taking responsibility for how you are treated in life. (Available on download for $1.99)

I will not stand there and be physically, mentally, intellectually or spiritually abused by anyone, ever because I know that in allowing this to happen, I have given that person permission to treat me that way.

This pandemic has caused the entire planet to slow down and take stock in what our core values are. We are all in this together and there is really no place to escape our present. Operating with integrity and connecting to others is the most rewarding path to take. I find that locally owned businesses value their customers. I want to feel valued, not taken for granted.

Misery is the existence for those who decide to whine and complain about the effects of this virus. Instead, I suggest you focus on the good that you can bring to this day. Your happiness depends on your attitude. My hope for you is that you are as happy as this fur kid!


Whatever you are doing on this holiday, my hope is that you are happy doing it! As I glance out of my office window, I see people out walking, working in their yards and riding bikes. Keep up that human connection, it is so important.



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