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Rebecca Dixon of Apollo's Paws, Celebrating the Big Game, Valentine's Day and More!

Rebecca with Journey and guest
Rebecca Dixon, owner of Apollo's Paws Pet Grooming & Spa

In August of 2020, Rebecca Dixon opened the doors of her grooming spa located on the corner of Grelot & Knollwood in West Mobile. After working for someone else for years, she knew it was time to go out on her own and create the sort of environment she dreamed of opening for the pet-owning community in the Port City.

Apollo's Paws Grooming & Spa is a thriving and unique pet parlor. Rebecca and her team welcome dogs, cats, birds (yes birds need a spa day), reptiles and small fur kids like hamsters, rabbits and gerbils. My standard poodle, Marcello & Lil' Jack, the Shih Tzu are monthly customers!

Shih Tzu
Lil' Jack

Over the past 2 1/2 years I've watched her business grow quickly. She has hired two additional grooming professionals and several assistants. She also expanded her retail offerings to include a variety of top notch shampoos and other grooming aids to keep your pets looking fantastic. You are welcome to stop in and pick up supplies at her shop.

There are many animals that "despise" going to the groomer. That's just not the case at Apollo's Paws. Canines walk in wagging their tails anticipating the love and care that this team showers on their clients.

On a personal note, I have sent numerous friends to Rebecca for their pet's grooming. Everyone raves about what a great job the team at Apollo's Paws does. Read more about her story at

Hats off to this mom, business owner and lover of animals! She is making a huge difference in Mobile.

Apollo's Paws is located at 6001 E. Grelot Road in Mobile. Open Tuesday - Saturday, call 251-725-6178 for more information or visit her website at


The Big Game is This Sunday!

We made our list and headed to Rouse's on Thursday to pick up everything we might need for a day of football this Sunday. I'm doing my own version of the New Orleans style Debris sandwich made famous at Mother's Restaurant. We've got all the ingredients for bread pudding and of course some chips and homemade dips.

Honestly, I am excited about the possibility of Jalen Hurts winning his first Big Game. I've been a fan since his days at the University of Alabama. My admiration grew after watching GQ's interview on how he spent/saved his first $1 million. Click here to watch this YouTube video for yourself. I can almost guarantee that you will be amazed at how humble this young man is.

We'll be checking out the Chiefs and the Eagles going head to head Sunday evening and enjoying our New Orleans inspired cuisine! The game starts at 5:30PM on Sunday, February 12.


Tuesday is Valentine's Day!

This week someone asked me what was my favorite thing that my husband has done for me for Valentine's Day. As I thought about the dozen Valentine's that we have celebrated, I realized that every day is like Valentine's Day for me. His thoughtfulness is not relegated to a couple of special days every year. He has written songs for me, crafted handmade cards, treated me to wonderful restaurants all over the south, given me houseplants (instead of flowers) and loved my children and our dogs. I definitely have to pinch myself to believe that this IS my real life. So in honor of Valentine's Day, I am sending all of you loads of LOVE and wishes that you have a wonderful day.

Happy Valentine's Day from my home to yours!


What's New on YouTube?

You are going to have to trust me on this one! This wonderful meatless soup is a flavor-packed bowl of healthy goodness! One serving is loaded with protein (22 grams) and only 304 calories. Click here to see how simple it is to put together. Pair it with a garden salad for the ideal lunch or dinner.

I'll be wrapping up the Soup for the Soul series with two more episodes in February! I've got some Boss Partner videos coming out soon AND more Kids in the Kitchen! Thanks for subscribing to my channel and sharing it with friends. I appreciate your support.


Local Happenings this Week!

Mardi Gras Parades - check out my friends at for a compete listing of parades in our area! Click here for more information.

Dressing the Abbey - features the iconic wardrobe of Downton Abbey at the History Museum of Mobile, now until April 22, 2023.

Mobile Botanical Garden - Winter Garden: Beginning in late October through early March, the camellias of WinterGarden are a beautiful sight, with the height of bloom in mid-February. Amongst the camellias are Asian Magnolias and Taiwan Cherries. Click here for information.

There are always things to do in our area and with the sunny & warm days we've had (ignore today's 50's temperatures) it is the ideal time to head to the beach or hike the trails throughout our community.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun doing it!


Some of you may be going through some challenging times and I want to remind you that the situation is temporary. Visualize taking off in an airplane on a cloudy day like the one we are experiencing today. Once the aircraft breaks through the gray clouds, it will be bathed in sunlight. The sun is always there even on our most cloudy days.

Also, don't try to go at it all alone (insert your name here); reach out to your friends for support. Sometimes all you need to sort things out is to have others listen.

Enjoy this busy week! ~ Charlsie


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