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Saying goodbye to July 2020

I saw a post yesterday on social media and the theme was "I know what you did last summer! You did nothing". I imagine that many folks who were accustomed to traveling and vacationing feel as though this season has been boring. Personally, I have welcomed the slower pace and appreciate the time to do some things I had been putting off. There is value in de-cluttering, gardening, resting, spending time with your family and your fur-kids. I do try to make lemonade out of "lemons" whenever I can.

Last week I shared that living so close to the coast offers me the option of escaping for a few hours to the beach. Anyone that knows me would attest that I LOVE to be outdoors and especially with my toes in the sand. Many of you have numerous options in your own area that will pacify your need for a change of scenery. So how do you discover what to do safely in your community?

I stumbled across this "hack" recently when I was researching Houston. I've been there many times, however; I know that there are things that I have missed on past trips. I was amazed at all of the parks and unique museums that the Texas metropolis has to offer.

Why not do the same search on Pinterest for your local town? This picture is only a sampling of the results that appeared when I searched Mobile. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Pinterest it is a visual discovery search engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. Users can create "boards" to "pin" their favorites for future reference. There are billions (literally) of pins for you to browse. I am sure you will discover some new things about your area.


Triple T Farm Wedding Venue

Chad Turner, Owner

This week I wanted to spotlight Triple T Farm Wedding Venue and it's owner, Chad Turner. The property has been in his family for over a century. It was a working farm for many years however it has been transformed into one of the fastest growing wedding venues in the South.

Southern brides love the idea of getting married outdoors with the sunset casting just the right glow on their ceremony. Chad has created a space that offers couples various choices outside. The fully stocked pond has been the backdrop for many weddings over the past few years.

Let's face it, we live in the South and we do need our creature comforts. Triple T has a huge, climate controlled barn that will keep the reception comfortable for guests. In addition to the barn, there is a Bridal House, Groom's cabin, an additional barn and the ever popular Silo-lined Courtyard. Private tours can be scheduled by clicking here. If someone in your family is planning a wedding, this is definitely an incredible opportunity to create long lasting memories.


Play Cafe Mobile

Sydney Loper, owner

Who doesn't love to play? Meet my friend, Sydney Loper, owner of a unique destination for the "littles" of the world called Play Cafe Mobile. This treasure located on Old Shell Road in Mobile is providing parents and grandparents with a wonderful place to entertain children.

Right now she is able to offer limited play sessions by reservation only. Visit her website by clicking here for more information.

One of the coolest services available is party hosting! Imagine just "showing" up for your little one's next birthday celebration. I would have loved an option like this one when my four were growing up.

Parties are typically held on the weekend and Sydney will guide you towards the right package for your child. This safe and sanitized environment will put parents at ease and provide an enhanced space to explore!


I want to personally thank my readers for continuing to do your part in supporting locals. My friend, Brooke Goff, owner of Domke Market posted this recently and I wanted to share it with you.

A couple PSAs from a Small Business Owner:

• First, most of us “essentials” are exhausted and trying our best right now. A smile (yes, even behind your mask), a kind word, a positive business review, a public social media check in, referral, etc. keep us going!

• Free services & advice are offered as an added value. That’s why you talk to / hire professionals. Taking that advice, free stuff, etc. and shopping elsewhere is not very nice (aka “finding it cheaper on Amazon)! (I realize there are extenuating circumstances here)

• Now is not the time to ask for donations, and it never is if you don’t spend your hard earned money with that hard working business owner (that likely makes much less than you). I will say that I love helping causes I believe in and always will, but most business owners get 10+ donation requests per week. Consider buying something from that business to raffle off instead - win/win! • Your purchases, no matter the size, make a BIG difference! Example: Buying 2 regular items / week for $20 = $80/month or $960/year. 10 people shopping at that biz instead of buying at Target or Costco is over $10,000/year. This would pay for ALL of our utilities for an entire year at the market! I’m saying this because many people don’t seem to stop & think about the way things play out on the other side... the small businesses you love are trying so hard to just make it right now. A little prospective & the smallest intentional actions make all the difference!

Support local by shopping local! ~ Charlsie


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