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Self Care for Women in October!



October is a month for folks to focus on health. Women are reminded to schedule their mammograms and to reevaluate their lifestyle choices. Melissa Bush, owner of Ruby Ribbon Alabama knows first hand about facing challenges to her well-being. That is one of the many reasons she wants to spread the word about her camis and free women from uncomfortable bras!

Many ladies suffer daily by wearing ill fitting undergarments. Melissa wants to show them an alternative. Her camis offer support without the underwire! They are machine washable and are made from a dry fit wicking material. She offers personal fittings and can even do them virtually.

She is a pro at finding the right product and fit for her customers. Her company has been around for over 5 years. Click here for her contact information so you can schedule your personal fitting today.

Personally I love wearing my Ruby Ribbon camis especially when I travel. They offer support, coverage and comfort!



Ladies, many of you may be experiencing your own personal inferno moments. These annoying "hot flashes" seem to plague females more at night. Meet Tina Walker, the store manager at Good Morning Mattress. She has an array of products that will help you get a good night's rest!

Sleep is one of the key components to health and getting enough rest can be a challenge. Visit Tina at the Airport Blvd. store this week and explore your options.

I am sleeping on the Sleep Tite cooling mattress pad and bamboo sheets from GMM. Wow, what a difference those purchases have made in my comfort.



Beauty begins with a healthy skin care routine and that is one of the services that Ashley Scarbrough offers. For a decade she has been helping women find the ideal products to keep their faces looking radiant.

It took her some trial and error time to help me find the right combination for my dry skin. Because of Ashley's suggestions I rarely have dry patches or redness. I appreciate having someone who truly cares about how I look.

She is also a colorist and can match your skin tone with foundation, concealer and finishing powder. If you are wanting to add some deep hues to your makeup drawer for the fall, she's got you covered!

She is doing virtual consults and face to face sessions at her West Mobile studio. Click here for her contact information. She is ready to help the ladies (and men) of Mobile & Baldwin Counties look their best.



Lately my email has been full of offers from various big box stores. Many are practically giving away clothes. I imagine these deep discounts are due to the pandemic. So many women are WFH now, comfort is the norm.

I don't know about you, but I have purged my closet and am only adding garments that I can wear for years. My friend, Kassie Gundlach, owner of Back on the Rack Upscale Resale Boutique is a pro at helping me find pieces that complement my wardrobe.

Her boutique in Fairhope (one of my all time favorite places in Alabama) sells gently worn designer clothing, She also carries collectible handbags, beautiful shoes and the ideal accessories to finish your look. Forget about "throw away fashion"! You can get quality clothing at her store for a fraction of the retail price.



Peace in your life comes from many areas; family, friends, meditation, exercise and more. What about your financial security? When you have your "ducks in a row" with proper insurance a load is lifted off of your shoulders.

Meet my friend, Lisa Harkey, owner of AlaCoast Insurance Agency. Her company covers everything under the sun including auto, home, business and boat! She as assembled a team of women who are ready to find the best coverage for your investment.

Her team can offer insurance policies in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. Her company has been in operation for almost 8 years and she is expanding!

Personal service is the key to her success. She knows her customers by name and wants to help them. If you are looking for an insurance agency with a personal touch, AlaCoast is the answer.



My friend, Brooke Goff has created a Cheers type of environment at her wine bar/gourmet boutique called Domke Market! Her West Mobile location is the perfect spot to get some work done or meet a friend for a glass of wine.

Taking time for leisure is important to both your physical and mental health. She provides a place for folks to connect and relax.


Next week I'll share my mom's famous Annie Rolls recipe just in time for the holidays! These yeasty delights are a wonderful addition to any meal. This is a "no-fail" recipe even for the novice cook.

Until then, I wish you a wonderful week! ~ Charlsie


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