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The Blue Ocean

Traditionally one thinks of all business as being in competition with others in the same field. What if there was a way to differentiate yourself from the pack? In the book Blue Ocean Shift, the focus is to move from the "Red Ocean" of competition to the "Blue Ocean" of uniqueness. This week I challenge everyone to think of one way to set their business apart from others in their field. Recently I met with a real estate professional who is swimming in a "red ocean" of peers. We brainstormed on ways to set himself apart from everyone else in his highly competitive profession. One of the keys was to make the whole buying and selling fun for everyone involved. It will be interesting to watch his clientele grow! I definitely recommend that everyone read Blue Ocean Shift. It will change your perspective on your business and your life! In the meantime you can enjoy this short article How to Grow Your Small Business & Offer Unprecedented Value by clicking here.


Meet da' Boss would like to welcome our newest partner, Lisa Harkey of Alacoast Insurance. She is an Independent Insurance agent "who can insure everything under the sun"! You'll be able to read more about Lisa and her team later this week on the website! Meanwhile check out her website by clicking here.


Christopher S. Collins, Financial Planner also joined the Meet da' Boss VIP's recently. Chris specializes in creating a comprehensive financial plan for his clients. Contact him here to set up a consultation. We had a great time on location for his photo shoot. Can you guess who was the star?

Chris Collins & his daughter, Charlotte


This week was full of networking opportunities and it was so good to see so many friends and to make new ones. If you are looking to grow your business and your connections consider joining a local BNI group, David Carpenter is president of the Bay Area Chapter. You can contact him for more information by clicking here. The Breakfast Club is another great option. It meets every Tuesday morning, 8AM, at Domke Market. Chris Collins is president and you can click here to contact him.

Find your tribe and watch your business flourish!

Have a great week!



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