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The Nature of Giving

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchhill

Last week I was sitting at the counter of The Hickory Pit enjoying a burger and listening to the entertaining banter of Brandon's crew. One of the young ladies was telling her co-worker about a cash tip that "went missing". She was certain of "who"had helped themselves to the money. It was not an employee, but someone off the street. Instead of being mad about it she said, "if that person needed the money all she had to do was ask for it". She would have gladly given it to her. This young lady's casual account of the incident really struck a cord with me.

I realized that the employees of The Pit have a front row seat to the nature of giving. Owner Brandon Van Hook and his manager, Derek Smith are extraordinary supporters of the small community of Semmes, Alabama. If you happen to dine there, take a moment and look at the plaques of recognition that line the shelf in the dining room. You'll see sponsorships for baseball, bowling, football, dance and any other activity that the youth of Semmes could be a part of.

This generous attitude has the potential to change countless lives. Like many restaurants, a big part of the staff is comprised of high schoolers and local college students. These employees move into various professions taking the lessons they learned with them. Now, imagine the possibilities for giving that have been nurtured behind the counter at this BBQ restaurant. Some might view it as a part-time job, however as a parent, I see it as training ground for making a life. Think about all of the kids that have worked there over the past 10 years and how far reaching this lesson could be.

Helping others is one of the common character traits that I find in many of the business owners that I work with in the Mobile, Alabama area. These leaders are role models for the impressionable youth of our community. As consumers the best way to show your gratitude to them is by supporting their businesses. Let's feed the momentum of giving by continuing to shop local and support local!


“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.” Stephen Richards

Everyday people head to work only to be greeted with the news that their position has been eliminated. Downsizing in the corporate world is common. It is a mistake to believe that your loyalty and performance equals job security. Job elimination is generally tied to cutting overhead. A shrinking staff means those left behind have to take on more duties for the same compensation.

Kyle Cornelison with The Entrepreneur's Source has the knowledge and connections to help people that have been laid off or thinking about changing careers. He realizes that long term careers and company pensions are not common anymore.

Did you know that 75% of the population wants to be in business for themselves? What stops them from making the leap? Many times people don't know how to get started. That is why the services that Kyle provides are so important.

He has been coaching and consulting with business professionals for many years. Let him help you figure out if owning your own enterprise is a right fit for you. Interested? Give him a call at 205-242-8841.


Now is the time to prepare for the 2020 tax season! Hiring professionals can help you avoid any surprises on April 15th! Lately the trend is to "de-clutter" your home. What if you apply those same principles to your business financial records?

Paula Waldo & Richard Lindsey of Waldo & Lindsey are Certified Public Accountants who specialize in working with small business owners. Set up a consultation today by calling their office on Hillcrest at 251-633-4070.


What's Happening this Week in Mobile, Alabama?

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Monday, August 5th - Pilates Class at Serda Brewing - click here for details!

Tuesday, August 6th - Weekly meeting for The Business Breakfast Club, 8AM- Domke Market with guest speaker Paula Waldo. Click here for more information.

Wednesday, August 7th - Wine Wednesday at Domke Market, click here for details!

Thursday, August 8th - Eat Right Cooking Demo at Rouses - click here for details!

Friday, August 9th - Roman Street w/ Gino Rosaria at the Cedar Street Social Club - click here for ticket information.

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Saturday, August 10th - Jake Owen at the Hard Rock, Biloxi - click here for info!

Sunday, August 11th - Blue Mother Tupelo at Callaghan’s - click here for details!


Our school kids will be back in class this week so plan for increased traffic on the roads! Have a wonderful week everyone! ~ Charlsie


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