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Things to do in Mobile, Alabama this Week!

Saturday morning I met a friend at a local coffee shop. It was finally cool enough for us to sit on the front porch like true southern women and enjoy the brew! I know that I'm not the only one looking forward to a break in our record heat waves in Mobile. Weekdays you'll want to visit The Cottage for a cup of java and a buttery treat from Reney's Honey Butter. Pumpkin flavor is now available for the fall. I literally watched a precious little girl eat her Pumpkin butter straight out of her cup! Now that is an endorsement if I ever witnessed one.

The weekend was filled with friends and football! Hubby has some loyalty to Coach Saban and enjoys watching the BAMA machine under his guidance.

He switched gears on Sunday to his hometown team, the New Orleans Saints! He has fond memories of watching them play at Tulane stadium back in the day.


Date Night Options in Mobile, Alabama

This week we're looking forward to "date night" at a local theater for the premier of Downton Abby! I can't wait to experience the comfy recliners and delicious food this venue offers while catching up on the Crawley's! This will be our first viewing at Nexus Cinema off Cody Road in West Mobile!


Lunch Options in Mobile, Alabama

There are some great places to go out to eat in Mobile, Alabama! One of our all time favorites for lunch is The Cheese Cottage. Owner, Kristi Barber and her cheese mongers are continuing to surprise us with some delicious offerings.

This Wedge Salad, with house made blue cheese dressing, a salty Gorgonzola and bacon is now on the permanent menu at The Cheese Cottage!

Learn more by clicking here!

Clean Eatz is another go to place for lunch when I'm needing a lean protein with some healthy vegetables! There is a full cafe menu however, I always seem to order the Build-a-Bowl option.

You leave this place feeling good about how you "fueled" up for the rest of the day and you don't need a nap! I know you've all experienced the comatose effects of a heavy lunch!

In addition to cafe dining, Bobby offers grab-n-go meals out of the cooler and meal prep for the week!

7335 Airport Blvd. in West Mobile!


Continuing education (wine education) in Mobile, Alabama

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the mad skills of Brooke Goff, owner of Domke Market. She's got a monthly wine & cheese club designed to educate your palate!

Here is the evidence that she has done a great job! There's a picture on my phone of an empty wine bottle. I had to save it so I'd get the exact same one again! I've never been disappointed in my wine club selections!

I had a friend ask me if I thought Brooke could teach him about wine. He readily admitted that he was a novice. I told him about her wine club and how she knows what pairings work well together.

Visit Domke Market located in West Mobile at 720 Schillinger Road and meet Brooke and her wonderful team of wine enthusiasts. Be sure to ask about her upcoming events!


"It's Monday, get up and create something amazing this week"!

~ Charlsie


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