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Things to Do on the Gulf Coast, Enviro-Master on the Move, Buttermilk Pies, Lil' Jack & Yoga!

Queen of Carnival

With the travel restrictions and mask mandates disappearing along the coast, folks have been taking to the highway and enjoying all the coast has to offer. Despite the construction going on, downtown Mobile has plenty to show her visitors. The "Queen of Carnival" is ready to greet her guests along with King Felix III in Mardi Gras Park (under construction). The Egyptian Mummies and Eternal Life exhibit will be at the History Museum of Mobile until the 27th of this month. In addition, Cooper Riverside Park offers some great views of Mobile Bay.

In Baldwin County, The Wharf is hopping with concerts and evening shopping with the stores staying open later for the summer months. Stop by A Coastal Zen and tell the Chapmans hello! Book a Reiki Massage while you are there! This crystal shop is a wonderful place to reset your overworked mind and just relax! Grab a coffee at Southern Grind or try out YoHo Rum & Tacos!

Gardenias in bloom!

May and June will find the area's vegetation "showing off" with many plants in full bloom. I wish this blog had "smell-a-vision" so that you could enjoy the fragrance of this lovely gardenia located by my patio. Morning coffee is twice as nice with the lovely aroma of this glorious plant wafting across the lawn.

Bellingrath Gardens has been boasting about how lovely the grounds are right now! This is the ideal time to visit before the sauna of July & August engulf our area. Local nurseries are filled with luscious ferns and blooming plants ready to brighten your home gardens. Checking out a place like Bellingrath can help you discover what grows well in our area prior to making any purchases.

Another gardening tip is to take a drive around established neighborhoods. Look for plants that you love making notes on the direction that they are facing. South facing planting is totally different from West facing!


On the Move: Enviro-Master of Mobile

Recently, Enviro-Master of Mobile moved to a huge new warehouse location on Butler Drive in the heart of Mobile. Owners and husband & wife team, Ron & Rebecca Finch are excited about their company's incredible growth over the past year. Not only have they expanded their office space, they have added staff and this awesome company vehicle to the mix!

Ron & Rebecca Finch

I visited the new company headquarters a few weeks ago and was so impressed. The spacious setting is a reflection of the work ethic that this couple brings to their company. There was no doubt in my mind that the two of them would be very successful.

Fortunately, they are focused on expanding their staff and creating opportunities for others in our local community. I'll be on location next week for another photo shoot of their crew so stay tuned! They will be added to the company's page on the website next week!

For those of you wondering about Enviro-Master, let me give you a brief introduction. This company services commercial restrooms and public spaces across the Gulf Coast. Their mission is to eradicate germs that could make staff & customers ill. They use a disinfectant that eliminates bacteria and viruses in public restrooms and other spaces. Read more on the website at


In the Kitchen: Buttermilk Pies

These pies were fresh out of the oven when I snapped this picture of them. This crowd pleasing custard type dessert is rich and delicious. Some folks top them with pecans for an added dimension in flavor. I tend to prefer them without the added nuts.

I use a tried and true recipe that my sister gave me. I found it saved on the Food Network so I'll share the link here.

I did make a Keto-friendly version that was great. There are pecan crusts available at some grocery stores, so I used that instead of the traditional pie crust. I replaced the sugar with a Monkfruit Blend and used Almond Flour.

I want to make it again with a few tweaks before I share the recipe here! I will say that despite it being Keto it is much more filling and richer than the original version.


Lil' Jack: An Adoption Success Story!

Lil' Jack groomed by Apollo's Paws

Timing is everything and adopting this Shih Tzu was a matter of fortunate timing on his part. Several years ago, I was visiting a local rescue to see a Standard Poodle that was up for adoption. I was not looking for another dog at the time. A friend was interested in the poodle so I offered to stop in and meet the pup.

Long story made short, Jack caught my eye and the rest is history. This little guy was only 13 pounds when I brought him home. Needless to say, he doesn't miss a meal and tops the scale at 20 pounds now.

He enjoys a monthly spa day with our extraordinary groomer, Rebecca Dixon, owner of Apollo's Paws. She keeps him looking wonderful for his outings in the community. I am working on a "dog-friendly" blog using him as the "model".

If you are thinking about adding a fur-kid to your family, then I suggest you visit your local shelter or rescue. There are some incredible dogs and cats looking for a forever home. Pets add so much to our lives beyond companionship. They are a true example of unconditional love.


Things that Make Me Wonder

Most of you that know me or follow this blog understand that I love the practice of yoga. Imagine my surprise to discover that until recently it was illegal to teach yoga in public schools in Alabama. The reasoning behind this law was that the practice would lead to conversion to the Hindu religion.

Imagine me shaking my head right now in confusion....I began my journey with yoga years ago after I broke my ankle. It was the ONLY exercise I could do at the time. After many months of getting on the mat I will say that it has made me physically and spiritually stronger. It balances me and connects me back to God in a way that mimics being in nature. You know how you feel when you are relaxing on one of our coastal beaches watching the waves? Yoga is sort of like that for me. I was introduced to the practice after finding Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. She taught kids yoga for years in Texas. Knowing that, I was really shocked that it was not available to young people here in Alabama. I am happy that our young folks will be exposed to an Americanized-version of yoga (no Sanskrit allowed) in the public school systems in our state.

Baby steps....


I want to take a moment to acknowledge Memorial Day. Unfortunately, I was under the weather and elected to take a week off from the blog, so I missed paying a tribute to those willing to give everything for my freedom. My dad survived the hellacious environment of Iwo Jima at the young age of 19. He and his fellow Marines landed on that island with little hope of making it off alive. Fifty percent of soldiers sent to fight lost their lives. Thank you to those who put the values of this country before anything else. Thank you ~ Charlsie

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima, Joe Rosenthal, photographer


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