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Things to do while you practice social distancing & self-isolation for the next two weeks

Dealing with the anxiety that this unprecedented health situation has created is important to your immediate state of well being. I did some research about how people deal with stress. I polled numerous individuals and want to share some of those tips for "mood adjustment" with you now.

#1 Music - Music is magical in "resetting" your mood. The vibration of uplifting tunes can transport you to a feeling of balance that you need during a crisis. There are plenty of playlists on YouTube that feature binaural beats that promote happiness and peace. Click here to explore some.

Perhaps you are a musician and can create your own in-home concert for your family. This is the time to "shed" and hone your skills.

Pick up your sticks, pick or horn and play! Let the music transport you to the "zone" where you feel happiest and at peace.

The crux of the matter is that playing certain types of music will enhance your daily life. It has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years, to restore harmony between the mind and the body. Research indicates that light jazz, classical music, Native American, Celtic and Indian stringed-instruments, drums, flutes, rain, wind, and other nature sounds have a calming effect. Do you want to know more? Check out this article by Nicole Leatherman.

#2 Nature - Getting outside has so many benefits to your mental and physical health. The "boys" in this picture make sure that I get the suggested 20 - 30 minutes of outdoor time on a very regular basis.

Take a walk in your neighborhood while maintaining social distancing. Spend some time in your backyard with your family and fur-kids.

Ideally a visit to the beach or a long walk in the woods is a lovely way to reset your mood. Right now our options are limited so make the most of your space around your home.

To learn more about the effect of nature read this article from a Harvard study.

#3 Eat Healthy Food - Raise your hand if you are a stress eater. Even though I know that things always work out for me, the tendency to find comfort in mindless eating is a challenge. I know that I am not alone by the availability of healthy foods versus processed items on the grocery shelves.

Taking charge of your "fuel" is crucial to your overall well being. If you don't know how to cook, now is a great time to learn. There are a gazillion instructional videos on "how to" prepare your favorite dishes. Check out this channel for some basic how to's from Red Stick Spice.

I'm going to attempt to duplicate one of my favorite restaurant salads from Elsie's Pie & Plate in Baton Rouge. As of this writing, they are doing "to go" orders with a limited menu. We've got some fresh Gulf Shrimp and the salad fixings ready to go! Louisiana folks are no stranger to hardship with numerous hurricane disasters under their belt. My high school friends are posting some scrumptious meals that they are preparing during this self-isolation period! I'm inspired!

Insider tip: Most local restaurants are offering curb side service if you must be out for work.

#4 Sleep - Did you know that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep to recharge their brain? Think about how stimulated your gray cells are during this stressful time. Some of you are feeling "keyed" up and have a tough time falling asleep.

There are plenty of non-medical options that will help you fall asleep faster. Here are a few that might help. Lower the room temperature. Humans sleep better at cooler temps. Be mindful of what you eat before retiring to your bedroom. It is difficult to doze off if you are battling indigestion. Turn off your electronics and elect to read instead. Aromatherapy, relaxing music and comfortable bedding all contribute to a restful night's sleep. For more ideas check out this article from Health Line.

Insider tip: Good Morning Mattress is offering private shopping

#5 Stay in Touch - social distancing should be called physical distancing! The ability to stay in touch with family, friends and co-workers is easy with phone calls, FaceTime and Zoom meetings.

Reaching out to others is important for your own feeling of connection. Think about how heart warming it is to get an unexpected call or email from someone just checking in. Let others know that they are important to you!

#6 Move your body - find some form of exercise and get up off the couch! Walking, yoga, running, dancing and weight lifting are all things you can do solo!

Check out this at home yoga practice on YouTube called Yoga with Adrienne. This inspiring Austin, Texas native and her sidekick, Benji, have created a worldwide following by offering free yoga instructional videos for all levels.

Why not try something new? You've got the time to explore some options!

Photo Credit: Facebook

#7 Be creative - I grew up with a mom who was a talented artist. It was normal for her to have multiple art projects going on at one time. She would become so immersed in whatever piece she was working on that her stress disappeared. She loved to create. Actually she was a master of inventing new ways to do things. If you have little ones at home, make sure they have free access to arts and crafts supplies. I have fond memories of my little table in the kitchen with a shelf stocked with everything from paints to fabrics.

I challenge you to find something creative to do and you will feel such a connection to who you really are! If you need inspiration visit Pinterest and see what motivates you!

#8 Prayer & Meditation - taking a few minutes everyday to talk (prayer) and listen (meditation) will help you feel connected to your higher source. This quiet time will help you find the joy of life in this challenging period.

Perhaps making a list of what you appreciate will lift your spirits. Here are some of the things that I am thankful for today: being married to my best friend, having a comfortable climate controlled home, having a stocked pantry & fridge, being healthy, continuing to work despite the circumstances, staying connected to family, friends and business partners, and so much more.

Insider tip: Many church services are being live streamed. There are also worldwide meditations that you can join.

#9 Spending time with your pets - my doggies are accustomed to having us around all the time. I've been operating out of a home office for years. I have a "co-worker" sleeping on the job as I write this blog. He has his own luxury bed next to my desk!

The simple act of petting your dog or cat can lower your blood pressure. Take some time today and really observe your pets. Today is just another great day in the life of your animal. They truly put living your best life into practice!

#10 Read - I am a voracious reader and absolutely enjoy escaping reality with a John Grisham novel. Other days you'll find my nose buried in the latest marketing trends. Books have always been an intricate part of my life.

This is a great time to finally read that book that has been gathering dust on your side table. Turn off the news and withdraw into the world of an exceptional writer.

These are just a few of the things that people shared with me about coping with stress. I hope that you are inspired to make the most of your time at home.


Supporting Local "Bossers"

I am amazed at how creative the "meet da'boss" partners have been in this challenging time. There are some businesses that are booming right now like Enviro-Master of Mobile, TipTop Kimble's Cleaning, Acme Pressure Washing, The Camille Wilkinson Team, Synergy Realty, Heather Loper Realtor, Alacoast Insurance, Lindsey & Waldo, CPA's and Handy Guys Moving Services.

Restaurants and retailers have been extremely crafty in meeting the needs of their customers! Here are a few examples that were active as of today. Please check in with your favorite locals to see what is happening now!

Back on the Rack Boutique - Owner Kassie Gundlach is taking her customers on virtual shopping tours of her store. She is offering a discounted curb side pick up and free shipping for orders of $25 or more. Follow them on Facebook & Instagram to see the latest merchandise.

Clean Eatz is keeping the community of Mobile stocked with healthy meals. Meal prep and grab-n-go are available at the Airport location with curbside pickup. Thanks to Bobby Howell and his team for providing great alternatives to fast food.

Good Morning Mattress is offering private shopping for their customers to minimize the crowds. To set a one on one appointment give them a call at 251-344-9494.

Domke Market is doing curb side pickup for all your wine and cheese needs! Owner, Brooke Goff is offering all sorts of great deals on social media! Be sure to follow her on Facebook & Instagram!

The Hickory Pit is offering drive thru and curb side delivery of their southern cuisine. I know Semmes area folks are missing gathering for breakfast, lunch & dinner at this local favorite.

Play Cafe Mobile is not open for play sessions at this time, however, owner Sydney Loper is offering huge savings on Play gift cards right now. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest news. Their Play Kits are selling out quickly! I am loving all of the crafty ideas she has been posting for moms with littles at home!

Crimson Blue Boutique has launched a new online presence. Visit their website at

Reney's Honey Butter has been doing a huge amount of curb side breakfasts this week! Owner, Meredith Simmerman wanted to go the extra mile for her customers. She hosted fan favorite (and one of my favorites) Kyle's Kitchen on Friday for lunch.


Please continue to support local while honoring the wishes of President Trump by minimizing your physical interaction. Please make certain that the things you are sharing are facts. Some people are very prone to anxiety and panic attacks. They are deeply affected by false statements. In Mobile County there are 2 confirmed cases of the Corona Virus. Just 4 days ago, there were folks dying to tell me that "so and so" works with someone who was just diagnosed. None of that was true.

What if we focused on the millions of people who are healthy and will stay healthy by practicing conscientious decisions? Staying home for the next two weeks will save lives...yours and others.

Remember that THIS is a temporary situation.


In our neighborhood, we are putting bears in the windows with fun messages for the kiddos stuck at home. This may encourage them to take walks with their parents! I plan to change mine up from day to day!

We've also got some chalk art happening on mailboxes and driveways to keep things interesting.

The little ones will always remember this small gestures. I think some adults might enjoy the messages too!

Please know that you are in my thoughts. Hang in there and find some fun today.




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