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Travel Tips during Co-Vid

Recently I traveled to the Western part of the United States to visit a good friend. My flight had a layover in Dallas, so I went through three different airports. I wanted to take a moment to share some tips and help folks manage their expectations.

Shout out to MSY in New Orleans for being the cleanest and most sanitary experience of the trip. The employees were wiping down the handrails and staying in the restrooms and cleaning behind EVERY person.

Here are a few things you should know:

Masks - you going to be required to wear one on the airplane and in the airport unless you are eating or drinking something. Be sure to check with your destination city to see what mandates are in place.

Security- I really didn't note much of a difference except you will be asked to lower your mask for identification verification.

Crowds - The crowds were light in New Orleans, however Dallas seemed to have a higher number of travelers. Despite having an hour and a half layover, I arrived at my gate 10 minutes prior to boarding.

Traveling Trendy!

Terminal Shops - New Orleans has the best options for food & beverage prior to boarding. You will need to purchase any snacks or drinks you might want on the journey prior to boarding. Only about 25% of the shops were open. Grab that bottled water because you won't get anything served to you on the flight.

Every Starbucks was closed, so you'll have to find coffee somewhere else!

Attitude - Everyone seemed to be fairly happy and keen to cooperate. People were sanitizing their hands often, attempting to converse despite the masks and practicing physical distancing.

Please note: Three of my four flights were full without offering any distancing between travelers.

Last week I shared some of my experience with travel guru, Adrienne Tate. She has her finger on the pulse of what is happening around the globe. The one key point that I want to convey to everyone is that once you arrive at your destination, things are going to be different. So many museums, tourist attractions, restaurants and shops are closed. My best advice to you is to connect with a professional like Adrienne. I will leave a link to her website below.

Unique Destinations with Adrienne Tate


Take a moment to read her story at


Brandon Van Hook

Owner of The Hickory Pit Restaurant

Brandon Van Hook

Shout out to my friend and MDB partner, Brandon Van Hook. Brandon has "thrown his hat" into to the political ring. He is running for mayor of his beloved hometown, Semmes, Alabama. I wanted to take a moment to wish him the best of luck with his campaign and endeavors.

Read all about his restaurant, The Hickory Pit at He bought the destination spot over a decade ago and it is a favorite with locals and travelers! Try out the BossHawg burger if you dare!


Heather Loper

Keller Williams Alabama Gulf Coast

Last week, real estate professional, Heather Loper was featured as our Boss of the Week for Baldwin County. You can check out her insights on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Heather has been serving real estate clients in Baldwin County for years. She specializes in finding the perfect beach "getaway" for folks looking in Orange Beach, Alabama, and surrounding areas.

Helping others realize their dream of home ownership keeps her passionate about her career choice. She is the person to call when you are ready to buy or sell you home in Baldwin County.

Read more at and visit her website at Heather


Supporting Local and Stimulating the Economy!

Meet da' Boss was created to showcase locally owned concerns in the community. Fortunately, most of the MDB partners continue to thrive despite the pandemic, social distancing and shut downs. I attribute their success to good old fashioned service and creativity.

Did you know that every dollar spent in the local economy cycles through 5 times in the marketplace versus a dollar saved that only cycles once? Checkout this example of the journey of a dollar. Of course this is an example and you would spend many more dollars on purchases made.

Let's say I buy a bottle of wine from Brooke at Domke Market with a dollar. That dollar ends up as part of payroll for one of her employees. That employee uses the dollar to purchase a mattress from Tina at Good Morning Mattress. Tina gets that dollar as part of her paycheck and buys some skin care from Ashley Scarbrough. Ashley takes the dollar and uses it to make a purchase at Back on the Rack with Kassie. The cycle continues and that is how local spending impacts the economy. Without dollars, employees cannot be paid and purchases cannot be made.

Spending and saving both have merit, however in these times it is important to invest in your community through spending. Cutting back on normal expenditures because of fear has devastating effects on local businesses.

If you have a financial safety net in place and have expendable income, then by all means support local business owners. Please make a conscious effort to spend your "dollars" with them when you can. They cannot depend on random foot traffic right now since so many people continue to social distance. Curbside service, gift cards and online shopping are just a few options that many businesses are offering,


I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th! Let's welcome the second half of the year with optimism and belief that everything is going to work out for all of us. ~ Charlsie


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