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Understanding Social Media

You may be wondering what does a beautiful photo of red wine have to do with Monday Morning Marketing? What if I told you that you could start thinking about online networking the way that you consider offline networking? Let me explain. LinkedIn is a "business conference" or office setting where you will be among your peers. Facebook is a"class reunion" where you'll network with friends and family. Twitter is a "cocktail party" where you will encounter many strangers.(Hence the wine picture). Now ask yourself who are my customers? The way that you answer that question will clear up any dilemma you may have about where to spend marketing time on social media. Do you want to know more? Read this interesting article by author, Kelly Hoey, How to Shine Online. (Thanks to Bellissimo Concepts for the beautiful photograph).


Last week, Jim Miller and his team at Coastal Human Resource Group joined the Meet da'Boss VIP's! Jim's company is a Professional Employer Organization known as a PEO. You may be scratching your head wondering what exactly does that mean? I'll give you a little hint: his company takes the headache out of doing business! Read all about Coastal by clicking here.


February greeted Mobile with our lowest temperatures of the year, dropping into the 20's at night. I thought everyone could use a small dose of spring! This beautiful palm "lives" in Orange Beach on the patio of one of the local restaurants! Can anyone guess where it is? Shoot me a quick email at! I'll let you know next week if anyone figured it out!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner followed by Mardi Gras parades! After a quiet January, our port city is about to come alive with activity for young and old to enjoy. Get out and enjoy our city!

Have a great week!



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