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What's Trending for 2023 with Diane Cashen! New on YouTube, Local Focus & the Book Corner!

Interior designer, Diane Cashen, came over for lunch this week and shared the trends that she saw at the ADAC Market in Atlanta this month. Fortunately, the popularity of the earthy tones, minimalism and monochromatic color schemes continue to gain momentum. There were a few surprises including the return of mauve to residential decorating! She noted that dark furniture stains are coming back into vogue! Now is the perfect time to shop local antique stores or explore your grandmother's attic!

Diane is skillful at uncovering her client's personality and showcasing it in her designs. No two projects look alike because of her in-depth research & experience. The ADAC market is one way that she adds to her wheelhouse of proficiency. She enjoys learning and looks forward to this gathering every year.

Take a few moments and watch my interview with this talented designer by clicking here.

Diane resides in Mobile, Alabama with her husband, Bob, and brother, Roger. She is an active member of New Mobilians, BNI and Rotary. To schedule a consultation with Diane, text her at 251-454-5688! Read more about her at


In the Book Corner: Living Untethered

A decade or so ago, I read Michael Singer's best seller, The Untethered Soul. I was delighted to come across this sequel to his wildly popular first book. In the author's typical positive teaching style, this one takes deep philosophical ideas and makes them palatable for anyone.

Living Untethered is a wonderful pathway to connecting to what it means to have a human experience. You will not view your life the same after reading this remarkable book. The great news is that you don't have to read the first book in order to enjoy this one.

Michael A Singer is an author, motivational speaker, journalist and former software developer.


What's New on YouTube?

Amelia is back!!! Last week, she joined me in the kitchen to make the classic kid (and adult) favorite; Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Cookies! Watch the video by clicking here and join us in making this delicious dessert.

Kids in the Kitchen is such a fun project! Amelia's enthusiasm is contagious and she brings so much joy to everyone watching. I want to thank her parents and her sweet granny for "sharing" her with me!

Stay tuned because we have a BIG surprise in store for her granny! Amelia has been wanting to cook something messy and it is happening soon. You can subscribe to my channel by clicking here & click on the notification bell so that you will be the first to watch the new episodes!


Local Happenings!

'Tis the season for King Cakes, Mardi Gras Balls and Parades! I picked up our first cake at Rouses this week! I can remember my kids eating it for breakfast when they were little! We take King Cake for granted along the coast however there are many people who have never tasted this cinnamon cake delicacy! All I can say, is that its great! We enjoy the stuffed ones filled with strawberries or Bavarian cream. Yum! Want to try one, Rouse's ships! Click here to visit their website.

Are you heading to any parades this year? Last week kicked off the long list of opportunities in Mobile & Baldwin counties. Click here to see what is available for you and your family to enjoy. Here is another link for Baldwin County, click here!

Maybe Mardi Gras parades are not your thing! What about hundreds of beautiful Camellias in bloom? The Mobile Botanical Garden has a gorgeous Winter Garden filled with camellias that are about to reach their peak! Plan to visit over the next few weeks to take in this spectacular display of nature.

Click here for more information!

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away! Have you begun thinking about where you would like to dine? I spent some time with Mirjana (Mickey) Ademovic, co-owner of Osman's Restaurant this week. During our coffee visit, she received numerous calls for Valentine's Day bookings!

Insider tip: She'll take reservations beginning February 1 at 2PM.

Osman's Restaurant is one of the finest dining experiences you can have in Mobile. Reservations are strongly encouraged! Call 251-479-0006...don't procrastinate, seating is limited! Osman's is located at 2579 Halls Mill Road. Be sure and order one of Mickey's desserts like the Bosnian Cream of Wheat Cake pictured here!


Boss Partners in the News!

REDBAR Espresso & Market got their new sign installed! Wow, it looks great! I am headed there later this morning for a client meeting! It is the perfect place to meet prospects, friends or get some work done! Go check it out soon at 7681 Old Shell Road! Remember they close at 5 on Fridays and are always closed on Saturdays! Sunday brunch is a great time to try out their delicious food and drink!

Handy Guys Moving Service was on location for a photoshoot this week! (Disclaimer: I shot this one with my iPhone). I just have to take a moment and brag about the professional team that owner, Houston Horne has put together. Kevin Waits & Ron Jenkins were on site and WOW they are conscientious and have wonderful manners! Hats off to Houston for hiring and training such a great crew! If you are planning a move across town or across the state line, call Handy Guys at 251-366-4897.

Insider tip: Did you know that Handy Guys Moving can be hired to pick up heavy purchases in town? They have delivered safes, weight sets, jacuzzi tubs and more!


I found a quote in one of my sweet grandmother's journals that I wanted to share with you today.

Worry less about making yourself known, and more about making yourself worth knowing.

Have a beautiful week! ~ Charlsie



Jan 28, 2023

Osman's Bosnian Cream of Wheat cake is divine!

Charlsie Pecoraro
Charlsie Pecoraro
Jun 20, 2023
Replying to

I've got to make reservations and request some!

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