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77 Million People...

Who is your business targeting? For years media reps put together marketing plans for Adults 25-54. It was the '"catch-all" demographic however that changed on January 1, 2019. Every Baby Boomer in the US (roughly 77 million people) is now 55 or older. Why should your company be interested in the Boomers? Here are a couple of eye-opening facts:

~The Baby Boomer Generation is possibly the largest demographic group of all time, rivaled only by the Millennial Generation which is roughly the same size.

~It is estimated that Boomers control 70% of all disposable income and have more wealth than any other group. They spend their money more freely (2:1) and that amounts to over $400 Billion more in sales per year.

~Boomers take initiative. A member of the Baby Boomer generation is twice as likely to create and own a business than a millennial.

~26% of the population falls in the Baby Boomer Generation and they are more likely to hold leadership positions in high paying fields, such as medical or engineering.

If your business is a "want" product, goods or services, more than a need then this is the ideal target group for you!

Read more about Baby Boomers here.


This week and next Bellissimo Concepts Photography will be shooting several new Meet da' Boss VIP's! Al was behind the camera in this photo capturing the magic at Domke Market! Read all about Brooke Goff and her Wine Bar & Retail Store on the MDB website this week.

Did you remember to "spring" your clock forward Saturday night? If you forgot...then you are probably late for everything you had planned today. Years ago, as a young mother of 4, I recall the year "I forgot" to set mine ahead. I pulled up into the church parking lot to be greeted by everyone spilling out of the service. An older lady motioned for me to roll down my window and smiled. She said, "You must have forgotten to fix your clock this weekend!" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry because getting that bunch dressed and ready for the service was quite an accomplishment. Fortunately in the digital age our smart phones reset themselves!


I'd like to take a moment to welcome the newest member of the Meet da' Boss VIP's. David B. Carpenter is the owner of Upspyre, a speaking and consulting firm located in Mobile, AL. You'll be able to read about the company soon on the MDB website. Coaching is the second largest growing profession in the US. We are fortunate to have David join us as a professional speaking coach. He knows how to help you overcome any fears you may hold about talking publicly in front of a crowd.


Have a wonderful week and I hope that you are able to get out and enjoy some of the many events going on in Mobile. Thursday's are Raclette night at The Cheese Cottage. On Friday, Brooke Goff will be hosting an Italian Wine & Food Experience at Domke Market. Please click here to reserve your spot. Joe's Pizza & Pasta is now closed on Tuesdays however he will be serving some of the finest Italian food in Mobile, every other day of the week! The Mobile Botanical Gardens is hosting the Plantasia Spring Sale and I highly recommend it. The tomato plants we purchased there last year were rock stars in our garden!



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