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A Historical Building Comes Back to Life in Downtown Mobile, Alabama Thanks to Acme Pressure Washing

Photo Credit:
Government Street United Methodist Church

This beautiful historic cathedral is getting a facelift from my boss partners, Acme Pressure Washing! I grabbed this photo from the church's website so it doesn't reflect the magic that that Daniel Lopez & Jeff Yoe have already accomplished on the building. I do plan to revisit later this week to get some updated pictures! I'll share them on next week's blog! Meanwhile, check out this Facebook live video that shows you some of the details of the church by clicking here.

Here is a little bit of history. This Gothic style structure was built in 1890 on the corner of Government and Broad Streets. In 1906 the congregation had grown to a point that esteemed local architect George Rogers was commissioned to enlarge the sanctuary. (He was responsible for Belligrath Gardens & Home).This included the addition of a majestic Fellowship Hall rivaling the foyer of the famous Battle House Renaissance Hotel. The Barque outside facade was transformed at this time. Construction was completed in 1917 and features two stained glass domes and windows created by Boston artist, Henry Goodhue. This should be on everyone's list to tour when you are downtown.

Acme Pressure Washing

It is wonderful to see the transformation properties undergo once Acme tackles the project! They are capable of handling large commercial concerns and small residential clean ups! Their team is safety trained, certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. Give them a call at 251-257-7707.


Local Library is Open!

One of my favorite places on the planet is a good library. I'll be the first to admit that I miss the three story East Baton Rouge library that is located in Goodwood. It is surrounded by a shady park with lovely gardens. There is even a roof top terrace where you can go read or watch the sunset. It is definitely a place to visit if you are in the Red Stick.

This week my little Mobile, Alabama library was open for business so I stopped in to grab a few books. I've already devoured the Agatha Christie mystery and have moved on to Blue Zones of Happiness.

The second one has really shaken up my viewpoint of what happiness truly is. I'm not deep enough along to expound on the topic but so far it is a page turner. I'll share more in a future blog!

I found the introduction written by author Agatha Christie for Passenger to Frankfurt to be very timely for the days we are in. This book was published in 1970. Here is a snippet from her writing.

Fear is awakening-fear of what may be. Not so much because of actual happenings but because of the possible causes behind them. Some known, some unknown, but felt.
And yet one knows-of one's own knowledge-how much goodness there is in this world of ours-the kindnesses done, the goodness of heart, the acts of compassion, the kindness of neighbor to neighbor, the helpful actions of girls and boys.

Fur-Kids Need to Walk and So Do You!

One of the commonalities of "happy people" all over the world is that they spend time outdoors every day. Lil' Jack and his big brother, Marcello practically drag me out of the house every morning for their "sniffari" and I am more than happy to oblige.

I read an article recently about how important leisurely sniff walks can be for your pets. Click here to read the full article. According to the research, not allowing your dog to sniff things is like taking him out for a walk with a blindfold on. Their sense of smell stimulates their brains and tells them all about their environment. Letting them take in all of the fragrances from a daily walk goes a long way in combating boredom.

Quick shout out to Rebecca over at Apollo's Paws Grooming for keeping the boss doggies looking dapper!


I'll be lunching with the ladies this week to catch up on everything going on in my fellow female entrepreneurs' lives. I'm certain I'll have some great things to share with you from this gathering. In the mean time, enjoy your week and the beautiful sunshine! ~ Charlsie


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