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Goals, Dreams & Happiness! How to Create & Keep Personal Independence by Richard Lindsey!

It has been said that we desire things, experiences, and relationships because we believe that having them will bring us happiness. Think back to when you were a child and you were pining over a new bicycle. The moment you jumped on your new bike a feeling of joy rushed through your body. It was exhilarating to finally experience the dream of riding it for the first time.

It is interesting that the emotion that you enjoyed is what you recall. It is the experience, not the physical bike that brings you positive feelings. The time spent finding just the right model, saving up your allowance and waiting were part of the fulfillment.

Lately, I have observed massive advertising aimed at convincing consumers that a product will provide you lasting satisfaction. My email is filled with messages taunting the latest items that will give me the life I have been dreaming of. There is an immediate "call to action" as if my life will be meaningless without the latest designer purse or face serum. I shake my head and quickly delete these shallow claims.

This week we'll hear from Richard Lindsey, CPA, author, husband, father and entrepreneur. His forthright approach to setting goals and achieving them is clearly what is needed right now. Thank you for your contribution!


How to Create and Keep Personal Independence!

Richard Lindsey of Lindsey & Waldo

With our nation celebrating its 245th birthday recently, and all of this talk about "independence" flying around, I have a question for you -- one that I think you should think hard about:

Are you creating, and achieving personal independence?

Often, as we strive to keep our heads above water in these culturally crazy times, it's easy to lose sight of why we're all working hard each day. What is the goal? What is it we're trying to accomplish by earning wealth? For me -- and for many others -- the answer is cashflow independence.

Now, I would define this as "having an income sufficient for your basic needs and comforts from sources other than paid employment." Independence implies freedom. It's the condition of having saved enough money that you can do whatever you choose. Whether you elect to keep working doesn't matter -- you have enough saved and invested to follow your dreams.

But is independence (in the monetary sense) just a pipe dream? Is it something only for the lucky and the strong? No, it's a goal that anyone can reach, as long as they're armed with some basic knowledge and make some smart choices.

As I see it, there are four keys to accumulating wealth: 1. Start investing as early as possible. It takes significantly less money to accomplish what you want, and you have more time working for you. 2. Be determined to save on a regular basis. It is an easy way to accumulate wealth -- especially when it becomes an automated component of your monthly plan. 3. Begin investing with the largest possible sum you can. You will have more money working for you over a longer period of time. 4. Reach for the highest rate of return you believe you can safely receive on your money over time. Each additional percent is important. The higher the rate, the less money it takes to accomplish what you want.

Financial independence is built upon these four guidelines.

What Holds Many People Back? In order to save money, you must fight to keep from spending it. I encourage you to set goals, to prioritize wants. Since money can be spent only once, you need to decide which wants are most important. To do this, it may be helpful to place a value on each of your wants.

So ... here's an exercise for you: Pull out a piece of paper and list your wants.

These can range from a new house to a hot tub to a trip to London to a new blender for the kitchen. Next to each item, write why you want it. (You might want a hot tub, for example, because it would allow you to relax with family and friends.)

When you've finished, take another piece of paper and re-order the list based on how important each want is to you. If a trip to London tops the list, are you still willing to delay it by spending $40/month for that gym membership you rarely use?

In order to confront this issue (keeping in mind those four keys mentioned above) you’ll need to be honest with yourself, something many of us struggle with. ~ Richard Lindsey

Lindsey & Waldo (251) 633-4070


Visiting? Don't Forget to Pack Your Manners!

If you are among the millions of Americans hitting the roads this summer please don't leave your charm at home. I read an article about ill-natured tourists in Maui that was alarming.

I understand that we all have "cabin fever" and expect our vacations to be extraordinary after being in lockdown mode for so long. Please realize that treating others as you want to be treated goes a long way in making that happen. Restaurants, hotels and tourists attractions may not be fully staffed so service may be slow. Expect the unexpected and plan extra time for everything that you do. The thing that I have noticed as I travel down I10 is the tremendous amount of traffic. Last Monday, visitors from Louisiana were headed back home in record numbers. Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Destin have become their playground for long weekends.

Be sure to check out Adrienne Tate's contribution last week to the blog. This travel guru had some great tips for making your vacation a joyful one. I will link the blog below.


Medicare 101 Seminar with Jessica Zoltek

Jessica Zoltek

Are you approaching retirement age and have questions about Medicare Supplemental Insurance Coverage? Jessica Zoltek would like to invite you to attend her next Medicare 101 Seminar on Tuesday, July 13th at 10AM.

She will be answering questions about basic coverage, supplemental insurance, medicare advantage and prescription drug plans.

Reserve your seat by calling (251) 751-5434 today! The session will be held in the AlaCoast Insurance Agency conference room at 4430 Government Street, Mobile, Al.

If you can't make it, tune into her Facebook page where she will be going live. Click here to log onto her business page! Healthcare Resource Center Mobile


It looks like we will have another week of rain in our area. I was chatting with a friend who lives in Phoenix and told her my yard felt like "walking on a sponge". She said hers was the complete opposite. The ground is hard and her grass is turning brown from lack of water. In that moment I remembered to be grateful. Water is a source of life and even though it is pouring out in abundance from our southern skies, it is a blessing. Have a wonderful week & go play in the rain! ~ Charlsie



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