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Creating a Comfortable Life in 2021! Design & Beauty Tips for the Summer!

The great slowdown of 2020 forced most people to reevaluate their daily lives. Working from home became the norm and now that offices are reopening, employees are resisting the return to the workplace. In fact, recent studies are estimating that one third of the work force will quit their jobs if forced to return to a cubicle or office space.

I've worked from home for several years and must admit that I do not miss getting in the morning traffic rush. The idea of losing so much time commuting to an office just doesn't make sense. I am far more productive with my time in a home setting.

The concept of an "office" dates back to Roman times, however; the open format was born in the 1960's thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright. Cubicles became a cheap solution to creating individualized space. Fortunately, times are changing and the time to gauge the effectiveness of this type of work environment is upon us.

Recently I was listening to a podcast and one of the key takeaways was how to measure satisfaction in your life. You can use this evaluation technique for all aspects of your journey. When you are satisfied with your relationship, your career, your hobbies, etc. you will participate with passion in the endeavor. Your profession doesn't feel like "work". Your relationship is a source of joy not "work". Your hobbies are something you look forward to.

Work is not a "dirty" word but if you look at some synonyms it can be eye opening. For example, doesn't it sound more appealing to mold or shape a career? Wouldn't you rather cultivate a hobby versus work at it? What about tending to your relationships instead of working at them? Perhaps the word work is overused and has too many negative connotations for many of us.

The past year has certainly put a spotlight on what belongs in a happy life and what does not. Many people are unwilling to sacrifice the comforts of home for what they view as the inconveniences of working from a controlled environment. It will be interesting to watch what evolves over the next six months.


Adding New Features!

I am adding new weekly items to The Local Vibe for your reading pleasure. Starting this week, several of my boss partners will be contributing to the blog, sharing content that may contribute to a more comfortable life! I hope you enjoy!


Design with Diane!

Diane Cashen

Diane Cashen, interior design expert, offers some insight into trends for 2021. Obtaining supplies is one of the most difficult tasks facing any remodel project right now. One solution that she offers her clients is to shop the consignment stores. She has found lighting, art, furniture pieces and plumbing fixtures at some local establishments.

One of her favorites is High Cotton located in Mobile. Visitors to this store may find anything from vintage antiques to art and accessories. Someone's decluttering might yield the perfect piece for your design plan!

Another tip she shared is how simple it is to change the mood of a room with paint! For a small investment and some sweat equity a room can be transformed in a day or two.

If you are ready to make some changes to your home or office, give her a call to set up a consultation. Her number is 251-545-5688 or visit


Beauty Break with Ashley!

Ashley Scarbrough

Looking your best in the muggy days of our Gulf Coast summers can be a challenge. Ashley Scarbrough has some great tips for looking good.

  1. Use sunscreen daily and don't forget to reapply. If you happen to sunburn, use a product designed to soothe the skin.

  2. Use a lighter moisturizer perhaps one with an SPF of 15 or greater or opt for a CC cream with sunscreen protection and set with translucent powder.

  3. Change your lip color to something lighter and brighter for the summer months!

Mary Kay Cosmetics offers some great CC foundations, sunscreen products and lip colors to help you look put together. Ashley has been a director for a decade and can guide you to the right skin care and make up items in her line. Ready to order click here! Want to set up a consultation give her a call at 229-395-8487.


Blueberries, summer corn, fresh tomatoes and other southern favorites!

Saturday evening I hosted some friends for dinner and like all good southern guests they came over bearing gifts! These sweet blueberries were fresh from their home garden and make the ideal topper for the cheesecake I served for dessert.

Earlier we enjoyed a Caprese salad made with my neighbors delicious tomatoes and fresh basil from my herb garden.

I am definitely blessed to live in a warm climate that allows folks to grow just about any sort of fruit or vegetable they desire. I encourage everyone to enjoy these fresh offerings while they are in season!

For those of you that don't have the space to grow your own be sure to visit Krupinski Farms in Foley. They have the best sweet corn called Devotion that I've ever eaten. Click here for more information and store hours. I am heading over there next week for their freshly harvested cantaloupe! There is no better summer appetizer than fresh cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto!


Buttermilk Pie at The Hickory Pit!

Imitation is the highest form of a compliment! When Derek Smith, manager of The Hickory Pit texted me this picture of his Buttermilk Pie, I was flattered. You see, I had baked a couple of these beauties a couple of weeks ago and posted a picture on social media. I tagged my sister so she could show her hubby what he was missing! Anyway, Derek commented that he was going to make some for the restaurant and WOW he did a great job! If you've never been to The Hickory Pit, now is the time to change that! It is located on Moffett Highway in Semmes!


Have a wonderful week and shop early for your 4th of July goodies! ~ Charlsie



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