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A New Perspective in 2024! What's New on YouTube? What's Happening with Locals? Things to Do!

Mobile Museum of Art

Perspective was one of my artist mother's favorite words. She taught me that there are many ways to view a subject, whether it is an object or a concept. Everything boils down to a person's unique point of view. There is no better illustration of perspective than this children's area at the Mobile Museum of Art. There are plenty of individuals that would argue that the floor is not flat. That reminds me of the whole debate about the shape of our planet. There was a time when the masses believed that the world was flat like a pancake.

I wanted to share this picture with you as a reminder to always question things that do not make sense. As citizens of this great country, we hold all of the power. This nation was created to preserve and protect everyone's right to freedom. The United States has been the grand experiment of creating a country that supports and encourages creativity and personal independence.

Perhaps you would agree that we are witnessing an erosion of our core principles. Instead of a nation acting in the best interest of ALL of her citizens, greed has become the theme. Now is the time for individuals to act upon their growing concerns. We can do that in numerous ways including, how we cast our votes this year, how involved we become in our community, and how we treat our neighbors.

Remember that every dollar you spend with a local business owner makes a difference in your town, so choose wisely. We can effect change locally beginning right now!


What's New on YouTube?

There is nothing better than a hot soup on a cold winter's day. Are you searching for some great soups for this cold weather we are experiencing? Check out this great ones from my YouTube channel.

Did you know, according to Southern Living Magazine, French Onion Soup is one of the most sought out recipes in the south? I tried this slow-cooker recipe from their test kitchen and was amazed at how wonderful it is. Click here to watch the video!

Last year I released my version of Chicken Noodle Soup and thousands of you have watched the video to learn how to make it. I made it super simple by using rotisserie chicken to cut down on the prep time. This is a great beginner's recipe if you want to try your hand at cooking this weekend. You really can't mess it up! Click here to watch and let's cook together!

Personally, I love stuffed tortellini and this soup enhances the pasta perfectly. Click here to watch this episode of how to cook Italian Sausage, Spinach & Tortellini Soup! Add some toasted bread and a salad and your dinner will be complete! Click here to watch!

This hearty soup will fill up even your hungriest family member. 12 Bean Soup is a delicious option for these frigid winter nights on the coast. It is easy to put together and you can let it simmer on your stovetop while you work from home or do other things. Click here for the recipe.

If you are not seeing your favorite soup, check out my Soups for the Soul playlist. There are almost twenty different soups for you to try! Certainly you will find one to make this weekend!


What's New with Locals?

This week there were some unexpected closings of local restaurants and some service businesses have left the market completely. The good news is that I have boss partners in two of those categories that assure me that they are here to stay!

I spoke to Dr. Mike Bucknell this week about his gem of a restaurant, RedBar Espresso & Market located on Old Shell Road. He is pleased with the growth of his place since moving into the

new location and wants to invite everyone to come on over for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. He sources the very best ingredients for his menu options. Open 7 days a week with dine-in, drive thru, take away and outdoor patio dining. Please note, he does have a toasty fire pit for your comfort! Located at 7681 Old Shell Road in West Mobile.

Couple drinking coffee at bar
Jennifer & Dr. Mike Bucknell, owners

Word around town is that a moving company packed up (literally) and left the market. Houston Horne, owner of Handy Guys Moving, shared that information with me and wanted the community to know that he is ready to help you with any commercial or residential moves in 2024. Give him a call at 251-366-4897 to start a free quote. Locally owned and operating in the market for the past 10 years.

moving truck
Handy Guys Moving

Things to Do This Week!

If you would like to hear some legendary guitar players and don't mind a short trip to the coast, then I've got a recommendation for you! Across the Pond International Guitar Festival in Bay St, Louis happens tonight!

Maybe you want to stay closer to home, Mobile's King Cake Kick-off is happening this evening at the Mobile Civic Center's Expo Hall. The fun kicks off at 5PM.


Take Care of your Fur-Kids!

It saddens me that I feel compelled to remind folks that in these cold temperatures your pets (and plants) need a warm, dry place to sleep. Their fur coats are NOT enough to keep them warm. Please bring your dogs and cats inside your home.


I will leave you with this powerful quote for the week.

Spiritual truth must be lived in practical life to change everyday experience.

Have a great one. ~ Charlsie


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