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Appreciating the Differences

People are like my spice cabinet. If I open it up right now I'd find spicy ones, sweet ones and even a few bland tasting varieties. Every seasoning has a purpose and most dishes would not be flavorful without a combination of them. Life is an opportunity to appreciate the differences in the people in our lives. Some are "hot & spicy" and rev things up in your daily experience. Others bring sweetness to your day and balance out the heat. Instead of trying to "make" everyone fit into the mold of what you think is right, wouldn't it be easier to step back and appreciate every individual's journey?

Recently Alan and I had a real encounter with acceptance and appreciation. We visited the Mobile SPCA to check on a Standard Poodle for a friend. While we were there we met a pitiful little Shih Tzu that had just been surrendered by a kind person that found him on the streets. He was trembling in the kennel and his left eye was swollen and infected. The staff told us that he'd be losing that eye. Alan could not sleep that night thinking about the future of this poor little guy. Who would adopt a one-eyed dog? After a heartfelt talk, I called the SPCA and told them of our intention to adopt him. We spent the next few days visiting and comforting him after surgery. We were able to bring "Jack Sparrow" home and introduce him to our Standard. I am happy to say that he is the little brother our doggie needed. This little one-eyed pup has buckets of love to give to us, his doggie brother and every living creature he meets. He is perfect for us in our life. Certainly not the "reject" that most potential adopters would have labeled him.

I encourage you to look beyond a person's initial appearance. Look deeper and find the differences, the "spice" of that individual. They are in your life for a reason and learning to look for uniqueness leads to a very fulfilling journey!

By the way, a special shout out to Hope Binegar of Shop for Promo! Hope and her family just adopted a little Scottie mix from the Mobile SPCA! Congratulations and thank you for supporting such a great rescue organization!


Say hello to Chad Turner, owner of Triple T Farm and the newest member of the Meet da' Boss VIP's! The Turner family land dates back to 1910 and was a working farm for a century. In 2018, a transformation began lead by Chad. His vision was to turn his beloved family property into an event venue that could be enjoyed by the community.

Read all about Triple T Farm on Meet da' Boss later this week.

On a side note, the MDB team LOVES this family farm. It was one of the most relaxing photo shoots we have done to date! Thank you Chad!


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Have a wonderful 1st week of May!



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