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Are you a sleepwalker? How supporting local business owners can help the community.

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is akin to "sleepwalking" through life. Those of you that are nostalgic, may dream of returning to a simpler past in order to escape the perceived chaos of these times. I want to challenge you to embrace change and see the opportunities that abound.

I read recently that worry is just about the worst form of mental activity there is, only hate supersedes it in the deep self destruction it causes. Worry is pointless and a huge waste of energy. It creates bio-chemical reactions that harm your body. Worry is the activity of the mind which does not understand its connection to God, Source, All that Is.

Instead of worry, why not pour that energy into a creative endeavor? Perhaps focusing on spreading kindness everywhere that you go, instead of fretting. It is so easy to sleepwalk through life and become enthralled with the latest "bad news" instead of focusing on the here and now. In fact, many of us are addicted to drama. So how do you break a habit that does not serve you?

What if, you decided that today was going to be a great day for you? Waking up and making that declaration every morning will open up so many possibilities. Take small steps daily towards the experiences that you want to have. Instead of following the same routine, begin to "shake things up"!

Life is far too short to sleepwalk through it.


Supporting Local Business Leaders in the Community

(Part 1)

Local businesses are the backbone of any community. I'd like to take a moment and give you a quick glimpse of some of the leaders in our area. Supporting them will help our area thrive!

David Lindsey, Mobile Marble Company

The Lindsey family has been at the helm of Mobile Marble Company for 50 years. In order for a business to survive and flourish for five decades there has to be a focus on excellent customer service and incredible products.

David Lindsey took over the business from his father, Bob in 1992. One of the reasons this bathroom remodeling company is so successful is they manufacture many of the components in Mobile, Alabama. All plumbing fixtures and other parts are manufactured in the USA. Ryan Lindsey, has joined his dad at Mobile Marble, continuing the family operated tradition. Read more by clicking here.

In 2017, Andrew Lee, took over the day-to- day running of his late father's popular car repair shop. Ronnie Lee's Automotive Service was founded in 1998 by master mechanic, Ronnie Lee. Sadly, he lost the battle with cancer just 10 years after opening his successful business.

Andrew was quite young at the time, however he knew the long term goal would be to pick up when his dad left off. Fortunately, Glenn Smith, a master mechanic and employee was able to step in and keep the shop running smoothly.

Once Andrew completed five years of extensive training, he knew it was time to undertake filling his dad's shoes. This fine young man has embraced the challenges of being a business owner with gusto. He continues to serve the European vehicle owners along the Gulf Coast. Click here to read more about this incredible local business.

Ten years ago, Lisa Harkey, stepped out on faith with a big dream of starting her own insurance agency. She remembers opening up AlaCoast Insurance Agency with zero clients. On that first day, in walked customer #1 and so it began!

Since that humble start, Lisa has managed to grow a thriving agency, even expanding into Saraland with a second location.

She attributes her success to incredible customer service and the team of professionals she has assembled. Tiffany Smallwood, has been with the company for nine years and is able to step in for Lisa at the drop of a hat.

Helping customers find the best coverage is what the team at AlaCoast strives to do on a daily basis. This female owned company has made it's mark on the port city area and will continue to create life long relationships with clients and other business owners. Lisa is committed to offering her insurance expertise to the community. Click here to read more about AlaCoast.

Dr. Mike & Jennifer Bucknell, RedBar Espresso

Dr. Mike Bucknell and his wife Jennifer are the masterminds behind one of my favorite places in West Mobile. REDBAR Espresso & Market is a space where friends, family and business folks gather for breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour. The patio is a heavenly outdoor escape, especially in the fall!

This wonderful restaurant serves a top quality cup of coffee and that is only the beginning. Dr. Mike is constantly tweaking the menu to better serve his customer base. In fact, REDBAR did extremely well in the recent Mobtown Burger Week with The Outlaw Burger!

The next time you are wondering where to meet a client or looking for a place to dine, REDBAR has got you covered. To read more about this little gem, click here. Open seven days a week...enjoy!


YouTube this Week!

I have been up to my eyeballs in an online project, so there hasn't been time to record any new recipe videos. I thought I'd share some "oldies but goodies" just in time for the cooler weather and holiday season. I hope you'll have some time to cook with me this week!

Last week, I shared some of my favorite recipe books and Paula Deen's was on the list. This Southern Pound Cake is something that I've made at least a dozen times and it never lets me down. In fact, I'll be baking one next week, by special request! Why not join me in the kitchen and let's bake together! Click here to watch the video!

I will be adding to the playlist, Soup for the Soul this fall. Meanwhile, enjoy this simple to make Chicken Noodle Soup that will encourage you to never buy a canned version again! It is that tasty and easy to make. I used rotisserie chicken to cut down on prep time! Click here to watch & let's cook together.

One of the things I enjoy when we visit my husband's hometown of New Orleans is the great food. The city has an abundance of excellent restaurants and many have "famous" offerings like the Ferdi Po-boy from Mother's. Ready to learn how to make it at home? It is perfect for your next game night. Click here to see how it is done!


Have a wonderful week and if you are looking for things to do check out Downtown Mobile Today's page on Facebook by clicking here. The folks there do a great job of listing everything that is going on in the area!

See you next week! ~ Charlsie


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